Vector Siege TD

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M to Mute, N to Unmute for those of you that missed it on the main screen.
P to pause, U to unpause
Space bar to de-select

This is a 10 level Tower defense game with 9 towers(5 unlockable with tech level).

Ultimate Towers need gems to build so you are limited in the amount you can build.

Yes, the first 5-6 levels are pretty easy, use them to rack up XP and upgrade. You will need those upgrades for the last few levels.

There is an interest of 4% at the beginning of every wave so saving up is worth it especially in the later levels.


Gameplay: Mediocre TD atmosphere with little motivation. (1)
Graphics: Simple background with good turret design art. Enemies look bland. (3)
Sounds: Science fiction-esque BGM with minimum SFX. (3)
Controls: Entirely mouse-based with no hotkeys. (4)
Interface: No menu, but has options to mute and pause. (3)
OVERALL: 3 stars

- Levels' difficulty progression not balanced (drastic change).
- Strong resemblance to Vectors TD, first published in Candystand from '07.
- Not every gamer is experienced with TD games. Include a quick tutorial for upgrades and such.
- Indicate which entrance/exit the goal is.
- Font size for "Score: #" in victory page is uneven with the rest.

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Great Game, Amazing concept.

The game got me addicted. I had to add it to my favorites. Still trying to unlock the unlimited mode. Can't wait


seeing as this just ate up the last day or two of my life, it's probably fitting to write a review.

The gameplay ramps up quite well! having reached the mentioned "hard" levels, I can truly say, it gets challenging!
adding some depth to the story, and some stellar graphics would probably serve to greatly enhance the experience here, though clearly these are not the focus. overall, mission accomplished! 5/5 and 9/10!

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its ok

one bug I found was your sell prices don't match the actual amount you get back.

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I've seen better

But then again, I've seen much worse. It works, but it gets boring easily and quickly. Maybe you could add a few jokes along with some real enemies and backgrounds. The only bug I found was the anti-cheat system. It makes you lose, but it unlocks the next level in the process.
Basically this is a good concept, but artistically and variety-wise it could be improved, with the only major irritant being the tower descriptions that are difficult to read in some cases. An opaque bachground for their windows should do the trick

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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
2:07 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense