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Update 7/22/14: I am currently working on a follow-up game, check out http://www.starcomnexus.com/ for details!

Command a starship trying to fight off an encroaching enemy invasion force while searching for increasingly powerful upgrades and armaments to your ship in this action adventure game.

This first game (in what will hopefully be a series if there's enough demand) is relatively short, < 2 hours to finish all the missions.

(Note: This is the second upload attempt, I deleted a previous entry after I discovered a bug that appeared after leaving the first system. Apologies to anyone who was frustrated by that.)



Was there supposed to be something to do at the end? Here I am with an awesome upgrade you get in the final mission, and nothing to use it on... Just a fade to white "victory" screen that still lets me try in vain to find some sort of exit home. Feel bad for our hero/myself that he just saved his people and is left to drift...

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good game, but i found some bugs :(

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hVdql VFz1Y

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qWnVE TmCGA

sry for the bad quality


Love the Concept of the game, But I thought the Enemies were a little small to shoot. Good work

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Nice for a quick game

The thing that made this work was that it was again, pretty easy to follow. The gameplay was pretty clear even if the objectives were not. The best part was the little cannon on the head of the ship that could fire anywhere you wanted. This seemed to be well detail and had adequate graphics. My only problem is that it does seem like you are floating off into space too often. The map is pretty useful in helping you around.

The sounds are nice and I especially like the ones the cannon makes. This may be the first game where I went over a black hole and didn't get sucked in. The ship was a little hard to control at games, but boy, was it strong. You certainly had a lot of literal space to explore as you played this game. There were maybe too many oppurtunies to save it.

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two letters

... is to little to fill out the the fucking summery box. It's not an editorial. Not everything needs a fucking headline. I'd be happy with just my name, score and comments, newgrounds. Who do I have to go to with my complaints? I'm getting tired of your red tape, newgrounds.

I played this on bubblebox but not here. It worked well even though the site is ad heavy, something that I find is to common lately. I think all these popular flash and entertainment sites have finally given in. What did I say earlier about red tape? How many viewers on here do you think are interested in airwick room fresheners. I'm not. Fuck your ads! Anyway what was I talking about?

Game is fine. I look forward to another. The length of game play should be increased so that each mission isn't a mission in the pursuit of another upgrade. I don't like that sort of game. It doesn't give you a chance to learn how to use what's at your command and they're usually short and usher you to completion as quickly as possible.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
11:50 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional