Tutorial 2 (improved)

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the last one sucked ass but this one doesnt! ;D

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If you make a tutorial it might be helpful for other people that you write what your tutorial is about.
...And i didnt like this music.

Overall this tutorial could help absolute beginners but is not very long or exiting.

The last one sucked, and so does this.

I could make something like this in 2 MINUTES.
Its not very helpful. The music is disgusting. It looks cheap. There is no good details or instructions.

How is it a tutorial if you dont explain the actionscript?

andreass responds:

fuck you.if you dont like the music or the tutorial why you watch it?and if you gonna complain to me about the fucking music,complian to KrawniK


I'm sort of at a loss for things to say... I don't want to be too harsh, but I didn't really find this helpful at all, and I don't think anybody else will. There are much better tutorials out there, don't try and jump on a bandwagon if you aren't good at it.

Also, try fixing some of the sound problems, like the overlap at the end of the tutorial. I ended up muting the sound, it just got so annoying.

You should also try explaining the action script, and how to make the button change colour etc.

Stick to what you're good at.

andreass responds:

i guess i suck at flash...ill never get better.....ever..... :(

Its A Bit helpful.

It's a bit helpful I mean like, If you had a photoshot of what was really being done, maybe it make a bit more helpful to the new flash animators that just started flash.

andreass responds:

no photoshots.damnit,i swear if someone else asks me for photos...

Way to short.

Maybe you should follow these.

1.Put the type of tut in the title
2.Make it longer
3.Get a better song. (Tetris is now not cool.)

I learned nothing, and I doubt anyone with the ability to mentally find this flash will.

andreass responds:

ty so much for the ideas.

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Jun 17, 2009
10:23 AM EDT
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