A Norse in the 9th Ward

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A Nordic traveler crashes his ship through the levy in the 9th ward of the New Orleans projects. And... IDK... hilarity ensues and stuff?? By: Marc M. www.SickAnimation.com


wtf?? =P

the animation was sub-par and it was blatenly racist. that being sed, it was pretty funny. there are gonna be some people up in arms about this one no doubt but the fact is: race humor and stereo types are funny. people need to learn to laugh a little more and stop taking shit so seriously.

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To those who hate

go try living in a ghetto ass hood in NO, you will find this way funnier, cuz as sad as it is, this is almost accurate. (would have thought it was funnier if when he crashed his ship thru the levy it flooded that shit hole out again). Animation and voices coulda been better tho so ill go with a 6.

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"Fuck you ya white honkie Nordic n***a bitch&

That's my phrase of the week, thankyou, I'm going to say that to the next white person I see, But low key I thought that was pretty damn hilarious, the dialogue anyway. Your impressions are horrible (You have never met a black person in your life), and I'm pretty sure that's what made it funny. Unfortunately, everything else was 'meh'. The graphics were...just awful. I notice a lot of offended people too. I don't think it's offensive, it had me rollin' on the floor, but still that was pretty bad. But it was full of hilarious quotes that I'd tattoo on my ass if I had the chance.

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meh...maybe too racist

by any chance didja get the idea for this from Thor when he found Balder the brave in New Orleans?? prolly not but just in case...


haha the voice acting cracks me up everytime

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4.23 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
9:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Original