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A Norse in the 9th Ward

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A Nordic traveler crashes his ship through the levy in the 9th ward of the New Orleans projects. And... IDK... hilarity ensues and stuff?? By: Marc M. www.SickAnimation.com

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UM... LOL just a little too much of the N word and the H word used lol but this was funny lol,Just a typical day in the projects lol

"Can I have some ketchup?"
"So I can put it on all these harshbrowns you keep serving me."

That exchange alone warrants a 10.

This is funny and sad at the same time... Sad because, well it's true to an extent... If you know what I mean...
Anyway, sweet animation. Love it!

Classic. I think I've watched this multiple times everyday for the past week. Fucking hilarious.

That was...Brilliant

If I'm not mistaken what I see is what appears to be Thor asking some fellow black people for some directions or slaves in this case and drops his hammer and argues with them to give it back. Seriously this man is a genius I can't even surpass the amount of Talent Marc M has he just writes whatever comes to mind and I mean whatever comes to mind.

Bravo dude just Bravo