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Desert Gun

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Hello again, this game isn't my usual fare. I mean, I'm certainly not going to say I even have a usual fare but whatever. Point being, this is a shooter! Hooray!

Most of the events in this game are going to have you holding space to come out of cover and clicking on enemies. However, you actually have to be out of cover for a hot second so don't just hit space really fast and click because that doesn't really work.

What you should do: Time your shots so that when you come out of cover, the enemies aren't firing. Listen to the audio cues for gunfire and decide when would be best to jump out. If you're really having trouble, sometimes the strategy "Going Rambo" helps. In this case, hold down space and click the enemies as fast as possible.

The game will tell you how many times you died if you manage to complete it. If you die over 5 times it displays 5+.

Primary concerns
-Death will take you back to the beginning every time
-Quality errors (Switch to low with backspace, this cannot be reversed)
-TAB will automatically take you back to the main menu

Anyhow, enjoy yourself.

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The game idea and mechanics are ok, but this is really too hard to play..
And please put a button to skip th intro, etc.

Needs blood.

The game was pretty good but the dieing animations weren't so great. You should add blood or have their heads explode. Also I didn't know when I was shot, I didn't realize I was on low health or had been shot at all until I was on 1hp. Make sure that when you are shot the screen flashes red or something.

it twasnt that hard...

i beat it only after dieing twice. fun lil game.

its too hard

i cant beat and i dont know the story


Its not too awful better than the other submits but it was dang hard and they seemed to always be shooting the where you pop out not anywhere else cause i mean if a shot was fired and then i pressed space for some reason i still took damage and whats with the no healers? (that i ran into after like 3 rooms) the music is annoying (but i say that for everything so its not really a downer unless other people say something) and making this a sidescroller would have made this a better game all you need to hear from me (for now that is *laughs evilly*)

Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2009
10:16 PM EDT