When Cloud Met Vincent

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I know its short, the mood to animate comes and goes so sorry, i just finishe these short ones and post them, or i would never post anything. anyway, i hate yuffie, shes annoying.

EDIT* Thanx for all the comments and votes everyone! It's so awesome this made it to the front page! YOU GUYS ROCK!


Bland,Boring,BANG! Yuffie is Dead

The whole thing was just Bland and Boring.The animation was average at best.The Voice acting sounded like you were half asleep when you were doing it.The part at the end was amusing but nothing Great.All the best in future projects :)

This goes a bit 2 far, you guys are kidding right?

Wtf man I saw this movie yesterday I thought yes nice but not it.

This movie is short, the characters dont move, they are extemely bad drawn and the voice acting is bad and recording is of poor quality. To make matters worse the joke aint that good either. The whole juffy and the "big puffy white thing with the cat on top" arent cool characters so something should happen to them are done hundred of times before.

So ..this is bad I can swallow the whole ssbb movies thingy ( only the first episode i saw ) but this is of quality i would expect on youtube who never heard of flash and use mspaint + windows movie maker. >:(

ShadowMaginis responds:

thanks for the long beat down, i don't see why its necessary for you to just tell me how horrible i am, humor changes among people as does taste. obviously a lot of people find it funny and think i am a good artist as well. true, the animation isn't great but i haven't been actively animating for very long (since 2007 but not constantly) for some reason people like you don't understand the meaning of "Opinion" and feel the need to preach to everyone about how stupid they are for liking something. Honestly, i didn't know you were back Adolf, give us some warning next time.

Please stop making stuff like this.

You've somehow managed to summarize everything I've ever hated about Newgrounds video game parodies. Crappy and emotionless art style, effortless animation, jokes that stopped being funny shortly after the game was originally released and a lame and cliche WACKY, RANDOM AND GORY ending where you kill off a character that fanboys dislike, it's all there.

Why submit stuff to Newgrounds if you're not aiming to create something memorable that at least tries to stand out in some way? This doesn't even look like it was made for fun, but more like you were just fishing for NG cred by making a safe, wacky, Internet-friendly flash without taking any risks. This is the Newgrounds equivalent of a family friendly 80/90s sitcom.

ShadowMaginis responds:

ha, i make flash animations how i want. i hate people like you who sit here and tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to do. i like the humor and animation and other people do too, if you don't like it, don't watch it, but you act like such a fuckin Nazi. this was fun for me to make and it was to the best of my ability so far, so I'm sorry for not being as great as others. the joke isn't funny to you but its funny to others obviously, hence my 4.13 rating. just because you don't like it doesn't mean EVERYONE in the entire fucking world has to agree with you, get over it.

D: awwwww

poor yuffie....i really dont understand why so many people hate her...sorry for the past review...friggin brother is in love with her... I hope you can forgive me on this....

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4.32 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2009
10:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody