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Hey guys and gals!

UPDATE: I placed the instructions in front of the game so it's clearer and anyone can submit scores now! Enjoy :)

Here's a cute little point'n'click by me again. Hope you enjoy this one! Please let me know you thoughts and comments, I appreciate your feedback.

Story: Help Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks in this fun and cute little point and click puzzle game!
Instructions: Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. Collect bones for extra score

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Hmm...This game needs more stuff!
For example this needs Version 2.0
In version 2.0:
New Hats
New Levels
New Shop! The Bone Shop! The Bone Shop Allows you to unlock new hats for your Pupzzle! In 1.7 you need the bonus content in order to get all 21 hats!
New Bonus Levels! The Bonus Levels Are Only Unlocked After You Find The Ticket That Has The V.I.P Access To Each Bonus level. There are 3 Bonus Levels. And There Are 3 Colored Tickets. Red, Blue, And Yellow.
New 10 Second Frenzy Mode! The 10 Second Frenzy Mode Is The Most Impossible Game Mode You Could Not Beat! In The Basic Game Mode There is Only A Timer Score On The Top! But In This Game Mode, There's A Bomb In The Upper Left Corner That Is Going To Explode In 10 Seconds! You need To Beat The Level Before Time Is Running Out! But When The Bomb Reach To 0 Seconds... BAM! Game Over! And You Have To Replay The Level To Try Again! When You Beat The Level, The Time Will Give You A 5 Second Bonus On The Clock! The More Time The Bomb Gets, The More Easy it Gets! Bonus: When You Beat 10 Second Frenzy Mode, You Unlock The Bomb Hat!
And That's All the new stuff For The Version 2.0!


a lot like monkey go happy (which is fine by me). wish it had more levels (or more versions)

Nice game

Its a nice game. And the the clock being in milertery time. In the uk we use it as standered and call it 24 clock :P


This is really fun but for some reason it won't submit my score :(


Cute little pooch...!!!