Once When I Was a Kid 4

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Dear Newgrounds,

Sorry, It's been awhile, but we present Once When I was a Kid 4...

Hope you all enjoy! Comment! Vote! And hopefully let loose a chuckle or two!

-Nathan Gibson and Steve Garnett of
Taco Buttfish.



I liked this one lol. Hey are you going to use my Western Draw song for Mark of The Beast Snacks 4?

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! And YES! We are using that song in our next Mark of the Beast Snacks! It's a great song by the way

-Taco Buttfish.

It's about time! :P

I've been looking forward to this for so long, I thought you'd never get round to releasing another one! Though I'm more annoyed with myself for taking so long to actually watch it x)

I like how this story was set out, instead of it being a simple short joke, you managed to span it out into a series of hilarious events. But I suppose if a bird stole your anus it wouldn't be the easiest task to actually get it back

I look forward to whatever you decide to release next :D

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks! And glad you enjoyed it! We're now involved with our biggest project yet, as we've decided to bring to life a toon we designed over several years and until now didn't feel we had a good enough grasp on animation to pull i off. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll PM you when it's launched! Hope to see you back!

-Taco Buttfish.

Hey your back

Hi its nice to see another one from you COOL, mind if i ask how your beast snack thing is doing?


tacobuttfish responds:

A lot of our fans are worried because it's been awhile since our last Mark of the Beast Snacks. The real issue is we've been trying to design out a full fledged storyboard and timeline for the arch of storytelling to make it better than ever and Mark of the Beast Snack 4 is being animated now. We also have several other cartoons nearing completion as well. Rest assurred that we haven't given up on our beloved Beast Snacks series though!

-Taco Buttfish.

Its worth it!

I have fun with this feature, cool script, however it would be great if this comedy have had a few more jokes.

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it! More jokes is always better!

-Taco Buttfish.

Truly bizarre

Well, that's certainly an interesting story that you've told here. I love the way that very few people will use a piece of horn music to portray a piece like you have and you've taken this to the extremes of well designed and indeed of good taste.

I'd certainly try to encourage you to draw your own backgrounds as that's the major thing that lets the productions down, to be honest. It looks good with your own drawings flying across the screen, but it would look even better if the designs were your own.

I think that you've certainly got a gift for writing and this truly does take quite a stroll around the block for abstract qualities of writing, but in order to make it slightly more acceptable to the mainstream, you need to reign that in just a little, which will give you something that more people will appreciate.

[Review Request Club]

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks for coming back and checking out more of our stuff! Yeah, we started doing the jpeg real life pics in this series when we started it in 2006 and have just stuck with that formula, although we have a few ideas we'll be implementing later to spice things up a bit. Glad you enjoyed it overall, and as always thanks for the informative and constructive criticism. Hope to see you back next time!

-Taco Buttfish.

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Jun 15, 2009
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