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I had to create 3 promotional products to revitalize the 'Panda Pops' brand for Media Studies and this is one of them. It's an animated advertisement which me and my friend Tom put together.

Music is from Pixar's short film 'Knick Knack'




Lolz Bobby McFerrin

You got points just for that.
And then the pandas were just too cute.
Luvs it ^_^

Gizzo responds:

Bobby McFerrin? He's not in my movie.. not intentionally anyway. Thanks for the review all the same!



Gizzo responds:

It's too bad you think that, but please be more constructive with your feedback.


HAHA! Cute, funny & Awesome!! Don't know why other people don't like it and I think you deserve a better score ;D


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Gizzo responds:

Thanks for the good review - It's very much appreciated :)

You've done alright with this...

It was a good effort, I must admit. The animation was alright, a bit rough on the edges. Like the cloud just disappearing, and the end jingle. I assume you ran out of time to finish it or something. The rest of it was rather good, just need to clean up your drawings a little bit.

But then we come onto the sound quality for your voices. I thought that ruined it quite a bit. I'm assuming the microphone was rather shabby. I think that subtitling of speech-bubbling the lines may have worked a little better.

A few improvements could have been done to make it better, but not a bad effort.

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Gizzo responds:

You're right about the time issue, I was pressed for time during the end which is why the cloud just dissapears etc.. However the sound was recorded on a good microphone, Flash just lessens the quality, probably because I dont know how to optimize it.

Thank you for the review, it's helpful to know that you can tell from the animation that parts are rushed, If I have time I will come back to this and polish it up.

Thanks again!

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3.42 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2009
6:54 AM EDT
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