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Please Note that if you just see a white screen, let it load a little bit, because apparently it needs to load the pre-loader....how ironic.

Basically the aim of this "game" is to see if the ball will be able to escape the falling block of spikes. It is all randomized, no user input. Hope you enjoy it!

Background and Particles made in After Effects, rest was in Flash.

also this game sucks

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Yeah, it was bad.
But it's from the Virtual iPhone game!

awesome! :D

lol, I replayed this 10 times because it looked cool and one of them made it through and i wasn't expecting that LOL

Feedback: make a game if you wish to make a game

Watching if some ball will escape some black saw like thing isn't really a game is it... Maybe make me dash a button to make the ball go faster. It would still be lame though...

BlackBomberInd responds:

Yeah, not really a game, but oh well :P

Not a game.

Dont get me wrong, Nice choice of music, but for it to be a game, there needs to be user input. If you were making a movie or cartoon, then you wouldnt. Unfortunately if it were a movie or cartoon, it would be too short and lacking a plot. If you could put a place for some kind of user input into it, it would be much improved

No preloader

There is no preloader and the file is 5 mb. I am pretty positive that most of that is music. Not a bad song, though. This isn't a game, either. Unless you mean "guessing game", in which case I don't understand what's so fun about that. Obviously you worked out some physics, which is cool, but c'mon man....this is NOTHING. There is virtually nothing here. I just don't see how you feel this has become "so much more"...I guess you mean from just code to graphics? The final product is still quite elementary. 0/5.

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1.98 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2009
3:19 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other