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Micro Agent

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A friend of mine was developing a sales piece for a chemical mix that helped keep the manure from egg laying hens from getting out of control. The image amused me and inspired the idea for this silly game. I had a tutorial from Cartoon Smart I hadn't had time to try so this seemed the perfect opportunity. I want to create a more complete version at a later date, with opening and closing animations also want to add more levels and enemies. Enjoy.

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Why can't I shoot the chickens:o

It's not exciting. The guy is too slow and it legs advancement of any sort.

thundarr01 responds:

Shooting the chickens, could be fun, may have to add something for that. Fixed the dude speed and animation.

some problems

Movement. Not only do you move at half the speed of molasses on a cold day, but the sliding that happens when you stop moving seems almost like a bug (no pun intended). Also, it seems kind of useless. If you move to the middle of the screen that just gives you an area around the player that they can't shoot at which will get you killed on hard mode.
Music. There isn't any.

I like the gun overheating. While effectively limiting the player to having only so many shots on screen, the fact that the gun is overheating (along with the audio cue) makes that fact stick out well.
I also like how the different types of bugs have different paths, like the weird white thing falling straight and the beetle following a diagonal (maybe make the beetle's starting direction random left/right instead of always right).

Room to improve. A lot of room.

thundarr01 responds:

I appreciate you taking the time for such a well thought out critique. It helps to have good feedback, especially on a first effort. Some of your suggestions, I also thought as well, and plan to introduce in an improved version, such as music, and levels. I fixed the speed of the character and the sliding, thanks. Again, thanks for the feedbacl.

Looks nice, but just boring

It does have nice art. But the game is mindlessly repetitive, made no better by the introduction of the 3 inadequately diverse types of enemy. The player character walks painfully slowly. I don't know whether you wanted to do a sped-up version of Missile Command or whatever it's called, but this could be interesting with some improvements to make the experience more diverse and varied. Ultimately less repetitive.

thundarr01 responds:

Thanks, excellent advice, will update shortly.

interesting but ulk.

it looked good at first, but when you start playing, you get irritated.
The guy moves too slow it can't even escape the insects, awkward controls, hard to shoot the thing that's falling.

thundarr01 responds:

I improved the speed and movement, will work on the thrill factor.

not too new

ive made one of these chicken games
its called fried eggs
and it wasnt new when i did it a while ago

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2009
12:37 AM EDT

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