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Impossible quiz Jr.

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This is one of my first games that I worked on.
Please do not start reviewing me about how bad it is.
I'm 13 years old and I do this all alone. So I'm pretty
well damn good for starters. this game is dedicated
to splapp-me-do because he does it so well that I
made my own version for the fun of it. It may not
be well good looking and have music but I do my

Update June 23 : added achievements in game.
Update June 29 : fixed few glitches
Pm me if you find any glitches.

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can u use the questions?
what is this? mop man
what is a bee?
2 plus 22222
why is b and d wet? they by a c

Not too bad but need a bit of work . By the way your quiz is enough long and fun . I'm waiting the sequel :)

Pretty fun and addictive

I must say, the game is pretty fun, and you certainly have to think outside the box with this one. It's addictive, too; I made it to question 61 before finally calling it quits.

I do have a few complaints with it, though. The WarioWare-style timed mouse-dexterity questions can be rather annoying when they pop up, especially the ones involving moving the cursor through a maze. Also, some of the puns are pretty darn awful to the point where they don't make sense (sorry about the spoilers, but a MamMOTH is not a kind of fly). Finally, there is a glitch in the question where you have to drag objects away that are covering the continue button: should you fail the question, you lose ALL your remaining hearts, not just one.

Despite its problems, though, I still enjoyed this game very much. Keep up the good work!

Not bad at all...

This is a good quiz, definatly a good time waster, but not exactly perfect. The one thing I would put in is some menu music. And maybe some more music choises during the quiz because I found the music a little annoying after a while.

Oh, for those who can't pass #6, click on the 'P' in Japan.
And for #8, Click on the question mark in the actual question.

I'm looking forward to another installment :3