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Howard was a very boring man who liked boring things. That is until YOU came along. Type the choices into the bar below to make decisions. WAIT! WAIT WAIT WAIT! This is important! You need to type your choices EXACTLY LIKE YOU SEE THEM IN THE TEXT OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK! It is a short game. I know this. Don't blam just because of that, please. Next; don't blam it if you think it is sloppy. Enjoy, please.



NOOO! I got howard killed by a meteor! D:
Nice Game Cant wait for longer version!

SgtBigfish responds:

Thanks! I am actually going to start "Howard 2" pretty soon. Glad you liked it!

Not Bad!

It was fun, I hope you make a longer one soon.

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SgtBigfish responds:

Thanks for reviewing! I put up the redone one if you want to see it.

Pretty Decent!

It actually wasn't that bad at all, I like thew originality you had going where you had to type what Howard would do next, plus the story was okay overall.

My only suggestion is to make it longer, because it seemed to end rather quickly.

Good luck on your future projects! ~.^

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SgtBigfish responds:

Thanks, I'm actually trying to redo it with a longer story, music, and buttons instead of the type bar (lots of people don't like it).


Doesnt matter what you answer.... he will do whatever he wants... in the end, howard is pretty much self suficient =P

Other then that, it would be nice if text cleaned itself on enter, and maybe to make things more clear, you could make the options in another color... for example, instead of "Take the ball" make "TAKE (blue) the ball" so people know what they have to type. Not that it makes diference in the end hahah but...

SgtBigfish responds:

I'm sorry, I thought it was kind of clear with the whole capitalization in the middle of a sentence. I'm gonna redo it, and it won't be that way if you type in exactly what it says. Thanks for playing though!
Also, if you know how to make the text "clean itself", please let me know. I will appreciate it greatly.


if this was just a test, then you need to work on it a bit. at times it didnt matter what i typed in it did what ever it wanted to. also it is case sensitive. you should just make the choices buttons instead of text boxes. just my opinion

SgtBigfish responds:

Yeah, I told people in the description...TYPE EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS. And also, it's a TEST. It's not supposed to be great. That's why it's a TEST, just in case it didn't work at all, then I would have spent lots of time on something that doesn't work. Does that make sense to you?

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2.18 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
10:21 PM EDT
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