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Gather (Wasabi Project)

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Gather is a short and simple game about balancing the need to collect the white spheres in order to earn points quickly with the consequence of becoming too large to avoid the damaging purple spheres.


Use the mouse to control the green sphere.

Touch a white sphere to collect it -- this will make your sphere a bit larger, but will also increase the rate at which you earn points.

If you bump into a purple sphere, your sphere will shrink and you will earn points more slowly. If your sphere shrinks away into nothingness, the game is over.

Spheres will drift in from the edges as you play.

Your score is displayed at the top of the screen.

Press M to mute / unmute and P to pause / unpause.

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lol, nice

it somehow reminds me of rayman 2, maby its the music, lol


It's a good game.Simple, but good. It gets harder a little too quickly though and it would be nice if it progressed more slowly. The game does keep you playing though.

not bad

entertaining and quick, but it gets very monotonous after I while. good for quick fun, but gets boring fast.

nice job!

a very addictive game! keep making more of these!

I'm not impressed.

While this game definitely isn't that bad, it just isn't very entertaining. The concept is effective, yes, but nothing is done to build on it and truly flesh out the game. There is nothing that ever really hooks you. When I died, I finally decided that I had enough and I never looked back on it again. Bottom line, there are hundreds of better games out there, but then again, there are hundreds of worse games out there, too. I'd love to see a sequel, but next time, really push the concept to its limit: I guarantee that it would be a great game.