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Desert Dessert

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Missed what just happened? ** Navigate scenes by using the left and right arrow keys!!! **

Thanks for 'Daily 2nd Place'! WOW!



lolz man it was great
but what the is with the bat ice-cream
usualy the stories in other flashes are lame,but not this one

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vectoplasm responds:

The original story didn't contain the ice-cream bat, in fact they disable the ice-cream truck in a totally different way (and Bully goes flying into a cactus patch)...

I figured it would be cool for the ice-cream cone to morph into a vampire ice-cream cone in the same way that a vampire's victim becomes a vampire... And yet I don't really think of the little rascal as a vampire bat, they're way too disgusting...

Anyway, thanks for the review!


Cute and well animated you did a super job!

vectoplasm responds:

Thanks Tyco! =))

You have talent

This is one of those rare times where I really can't think of any criticism. The story is great and original, the characters are awesome, great use of color, and the music was spot on. Defititely one of the best flashes I have seen in a while. Keep up the great work, hope to see more.

vectoplasm responds:

Thanks much -

I'm probably one of my own worse critics, so I appreciate your opinion. From my stand-point, I could have made the animation much more efficiently (Took longer than needed to make). Character animation is not what I do on a daily basis (unfortunately), so I'm always catching on to better techniques/short-cuts.

Great flash!

Haha, this flash was cute. And pretty awesome. The art work on it was great. The story line was simple and easy to follow. And it had an awesome ending.

vectoplasm responds:

Thanx Dog;

Some have said that it's a little fast paced and a bit hard to follow, so I'm glad to hear that you had no problem ascertaining the events of the plot. To be honest, I can see both sides of the discussion, it is pretty quick in some areas, but if you stare at it intently enough, it usually works out.

Next time I'll animate a slower tune. =))

hahaaa sure beats the usual garbage

Usually Newgrounds is too nice to people who upload their garbage here and give them the pleasure of FRONT PAGE. The ones I took notice of the most is the Gunchest series and There She IS and SUPAH NINTENDOH 2 and this cartoon. Well done to make it into professionalism mate. Your stuff is pure quality,

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vectoplasm responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback!

I'm with you on the flood of low-end stuff that gets front page. I don't really care if I make front page, I just want to constantly improve if you know what I mean. Too bad I have a stupid day job, otherwise I could do a lot more of this kinda stuff.

Frequently I shoot myself in the foot with overly complex animation, so hopefully the next few will be a little more on the simple side, while still maintaining the craziness.


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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
5:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original