Desert Dessert

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Missed what just happened? ** Navigate scenes by using the left and right arrow keys!!! **

Thanks for 'Daily 2nd Place'! WOW!


well that was fun!

don't listen to the douchebags who classify this as bad, this was good animation fun. had a story, a weird but not too wierd one at that, and it had plenty of twists and turns that made me laugh several times (like when the cow pulls out the shotgun, "you blew open my ice cream truck, so i got out my shotgun, escalation")

although i have to agree with one of the guys below me, it was lacking rythm. maybe if the music had changed with the story. for example you could of played funtime music when they bought ice cream then changed to chase music when trying to rescue the snowman.

"well boys, the cow kidnapped me to make money for his starving family back home on the farm, and we roasted him alive and ate him instead of turning him into the authorities, i think we did justice a job WELL DONE..."

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Not bad

The animation was pretty good,and it was very funny.I like how at the end they cooked the cow.And how he hit his um...balls?

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good but

Absolutely no rhythm

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Now was an amazing story.
Although, I think they might have been too hard on the evil cow at the end.

most awesomest ! xD

that was one of the best animations I've seen on Newgrounds
flawless job dudes !

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4.25 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
5:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original