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Horse and Girl

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Ok, so I just wanted to let everyone know, because heaps of comments have said something along the lines of "add music and make it longer"

This was for a larger project that I was hired for.
I wasn't allowed to go over my allocated time slot, nor was I allowed to add music, colouring was done by a whole other team, the files I have are not coloured.
I was just proud of the pure animation of this, as I had never animated a horse before, which is quite tricky to do properly



This is something I animated for a local Film called "A World Away" it's at 25 fps so that it can mix smoothly with liveaction video. I did this in about a week and a half, it was quite tedious as I wasn't familiar with how horses legs moved...so I watched a lot of reference videos.

The tail looks horrible, I know -__-"
It looks like it's made of wood or something.
I fixed it, but I don't have the file in a small size, and can't be bothered uploading the fixed version...so um, just pretend it's flowy lol

Character designs and concept (c) Victor Glushchenko

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woa, i stumbled upon this movie by accident, and i have to say: its a great, nicely animated loop, with good characters, fluid+flawless animation, nice linework, and a cute story.
i usually dont like loops, but this was an excellent animation, so i can't complain.

my only advice: try to make your next movie longer, and with a more defined story. (perhaps you could make a story on how the girl met the horse, and how they eventually became friends? and to perhaps show more of their adventures in the farm in the next movie?
it could be cute)

anyhow, good work, you are a good animator, keep it up!

Oh I love this..

It may be a short, but it is definitely flowy. The pencil lines make it seem choppy because its done in pencil. Now-a-days people tend to clean that up digitally or simply stick to flash, but I truly respect the old style of animation.

It upsets me that people don't appreciate simple old school animation these days. Its rare to see pencil animation because no one wants to go through the trouble of drawing every bit of movement one page at a time. So you have my respects, and I will favorite this.

BakaMichi responds:

Thankyou! :)
This was actually all done in flash ^^
The instruction sheet from the animation Producer said to do it frame by frame, even if there's no animation going on, so that everything is always moving ^__^
It's meant to look a bit choppy, I think
And at 25 frames per second it was a lot of work to do each frame @__@

Cheers for reviewing<3


why should i give a good score for an animation that merely lasts 6 seconds, is just drawn with a pencil, well ok its animated, but isnt everything animated today? there are hundreds of flashs with this "pretty-good"ness style of animation and the author made them last for 4 or more minutes. Those flashes get scores like 3.8 or 4.2 so this small piece of Art never deserves a 3.3 so that my vote gets any visible effect i vote 0 to put it in the right place.

BakaMichi responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way
If you focus on the pure animation, as in focus on how it moves then I think you'll understand why I put this here ;)
A lot of work went into this.
Horses are fairly hard to animate correctly, give it a go and come back and watch mine.
I think you'll understand then

Nice job

I like it. Good job on the animation. it flows nicely.

BakaMichi responds:

Thankyou ^__^


Always had a soft spot for cute stuff. This video is very cute. The animation is fluid, good drawing, well done. Nothing else to say really. BTW, cute cat you have there:P<--

BakaMichi responds:

Thankies so much! :D
And thankyou again, the cat is my OC Myo Kitty ^__^

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3.64 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
10:37 AM EDT