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Crystal Crunch 1.4

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Author Comments

So the new version Crystal Crunch 1.4 has been launched.
-More enemies
-Achievements (very fun amazing fun!)
-Art, texts
-More levels
-Better Difficulty increasements
-And much more!
-In the upcoming days i am going to create more achievements! :D

Check it out!
Watch the instructions in the game before clicking play please :)
Leave a review and rate! :D

If you have any questions or if you want to make a deal, email me "qkilsdonk@yahoo.com".
Inspirator: Raphael Kilsdonk
-Quintus Kilsdonk

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The best thing about this game is the music.

lol nah it was a fun game, I didn't play the other versions so I don't have anything to complain about as far as "not enough upgrades" goes. Nice work buddy! =]

qkilsdonk responds:

Thank you :)

thats it?

where the hell are my upgrades >=(? i want to shoot things while iam collecting useless diamonds that turn into gold coins for no apparent reason

qkilsdonk responds:

haha that gives me an idea for version 4

You dont know that diamond turn to gold for no reason? O.o man


Crystal 1 to 3 in 1 week? Yeah right!

What wrong with you? You submitted Crystal Crunch 1 like a week ago.

Crystal crunch 3 is the same f.king sh.it!

Come on man, stop mocking everyone and work more then 15 minutes befores submitting Crystal 4 ok?

Boring too fast

I hate the fact that I have to move my mouse around just to avoid the penalty. That takes away part of the strategy of the game. Also, the layout is pretty bland, nothing too spectacular on the artwork. But the most problematic thing is that it gets boring too fast. It's like a clone of asteroids, but played with a mouse. It's just not fun, I'm sorry.

Not Bad

(quote)2)it seemed that (on a few rare occasions) the collision boxes for the enemies weren't all "there" sometimes I'd get hit by an enemy that wasn't visibly touching my rocket, othertimes I wouldn't get hit when I was clearing touching an enemy. This was a rare occurance though.(/quote)

I agree with that. I didn't touch anything for about 3 levels, but I look up and my health had dropped to 1/2. I replayed, and realized that hit-detection was a bit off, and the shrink power up is the worst since it makes the enemies so small you have a hard time seeing them to avoid them.

Otherwise, a decent game. Does get repetitious, though.

qkilsdonk responds:

Heh, doesn't sound like bugs but more the things you dont like.
And, you dont have to hit hit the Resize power-up lol xD.