Resident Hall Evil

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Replay button works and ads are now working. Thanks for watching!

I'd like to thank Tom Fulp again for allowing me to upload movies up to 20 MB. It was very helpful, especially in this case.

This is a parody of Resident Evil and some simple college life humor. The file is so big because it's a mix of video and flash. It's pretty long and perhaps it may get a little bit boring in the beginning, but don't worry the action comes later. We were just making it feel like a real RE game where it gets drawn out and then a lot of stuff happens at once. Please notice the camera angles and how they are similar to the game. Do you guys think we captured the RE1 feeling?

Bonus points to whoever can tell me what game is playing in the background of the flash. ;)

If your a Resident Evil 1 fan then you should love some of the jokes that we put in here!

Also, thank you to SCLessons and fallensoul289 for doing animation and graphics for me. Couldn't have done it without you.

Nick was the director of the movie and the main actor. He acts like Jill Valentine in this submission.

Corey was the secondary actor and uploader of this movie. He acts like Barry Burton.

*Ambient music had to be removed because the file was too big. Hope it still sounds good without it.



that was pretty good, i found it...

Fro responds:

I find this...

A welcomed review!


kinda makes me miss the days off the doors opening for you.the stairs too.god resident evil just isnt scary anymore.btw you guys have entirely too much time on your hands dont you?

Fro responds:

Too much time ='s a yes. Just one of those nights when your like.. I'm bored...

That was awesome

I loved the jokes on RE1. The camera angles, the delays between actions, and the puposely hideous voices. Nice work.

People find this review helpful!
Fro responds:

Thank you much!



Fro responds:

haha I'm happy it made you laugh.

The Lip Syncing was Perfect! :D

Alright, I didn't even have to play the resident evil series to get the jokes. There once was a system called a nin-ten-do 64, and on that system was a game called Perfect Dark. The times back then the characters couldn't move their mouths to do voice acting, and I sure that was what you two were getting at.

Acting-wise, nothing short of brilliance. The over-dramatic running to reach places 3 feet in front, and hugging the side of the wall/door while still running in place, that was great acting. Oh, and speaking of reaching places at a close distance, the phone, that was a shot at Resident Evil if there were any. Even though I know close to nothing about RE1, I know that they're notorious for asking the obvious and requiring the unneeded.

The replaying of the enter/exit door I'm sure was in the game, so I can't complain about that. The one thing I didn't get, was the whole library thing. Was that in the game, or was it a joke gone wrong?

There were a couple downsides to the movie.
The lighting was great, but it lit up the unnecessary, like the posters and other objects that distract you from whats going on, like an ADD patient chasing a butterfly.

Other than that, great job with it.

Fro responds:

Answered all questions via AIM conversation.

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Jun 13, 2009
6:47 PM EDT
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