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Resident Hall Evil

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Author Comments


Replay button works and ads are now working. Thanks for watching!

I'd like to thank Tom Fulp again for allowing me to upload movies up to 20 MB. It was very helpful, especially in this case.

This is a parody of Resident Evil and some simple college life humor. The file is so big because it's a mix of video and flash. It's pretty long and perhaps it may get a little bit boring in the beginning, but don't worry the action comes later. We were just making it feel like a real RE game where it gets drawn out and then a lot of stuff happens at once. Please notice the camera angles and how they are similar to the game. Do you guys think we captured the RE1 feeling?

Bonus points to whoever can tell me what game is playing in the background of the flash. ;)

If your a Resident Evil 1 fan then you should love some of the jokes that we put in here!

Also, thank you to SCLessons and fallensoul289 for doing animation and graphics for me. Couldn't have done it without you.

Nick was the director of the movie and the main actor. He acts like Jill Valentine in this submission.

Corey was the secondary actor and uploader of this movie. He acts like Barry Burton.

*Ambient music had to be removed because the file was too big. Hope it still sounds good without it.


Not bad

Although I never played Resident Evil, you seemed to appear like in a video game. I liked how the main guy kept running up against the walls like in a video game. The beginning where he collected all the items was pretty cool.

It might have just been that I've never played the game but the whole thing did seem a big dragged out. Another thing could have been to add one of those time selection bars to the bottom to select the time. Also I wasn't really sure what had happened at the end that caused him to die, could you explain? some background music would have been nice but I understand it gets crazy with filesize when working with video.

A cool movie, i liked it.

~Review Request Club

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Fro responds:

Dragged out = just like the game.

Died at the end of the movie because he starved to death. We wanted to explain more, but this became an abandoned project.

Thanks for the review.


This was nicely done.
I've only played the DS port of RE 1 but all the jokes are still just as valid.
Including the nudging steps, running into (and sliding along) walls, horribly camera angles, door and stairs animations and of course the bizarre dialogue.
'A few seconds more and you would of been a Jilly sandwich'
'Hey let's split up'
Annother funny thing is the video quality also adds to the autheticity too!

Fro responds:

Thanks a lot!

Dead Rising =D

You Were Playing Dead Rising, but i dont understand, it looked like you were playing on a playstation 3?

It's not out ON ps3 is it?

Good Movie, Got a Little Boring, Kinda funny see'ing you both hop around. ^_^

Fro responds:

Resident Evil Outbreak. :P

There is actually a PS2 over off of the screen also. We had everything in the room. Thanks for the review.

Pretty Good

It was funny, even too a non Resident evil fan. The camera work was good as well as the acting like a game character.

But I would suggest you work a bit harder on the animations, since they are very few and are reused. Specially just the artwork to make it seem a bit more professional. Also When using type on top of video you need to make sure its readable, add an outline or shadow to it.

Also don't let anyone who say "that's not an animation, it doesn't belong here" get to you. You did have animations and this was compiled in flash and thus is fills whatever quota random people make up.

Fro responds:

Yeah, I know. This is like the 5th film we have on here like this. You always get the retarded ones that don't know anything.

Next time I have a few ideas for animations. I know they were a bit rushed. They were reused because that's how it is in the game though. The text will be fixed next time, again rushed.

Yes this does deserve a 10

You've basically captured everything I hated about Resident Evil....those damned angles!!!

Nick, you pulled that off perfectly! I thought it was hilarious!

Good job on the directing!

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Fro responds:

Haha, that's what we were trying to do. Thanks!

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2009
6:47 PM EDT
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