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Swapper: Lingerie

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Author Comments

This is a Hentai game. If you don't like Hentai then don't vote.

Swapper is our attempt at making a typical Hentai jigsaw-puzzle game. The game features as usual 8 pictures and is pretty much self-explainable. Since we made our quota for this week (with HA4 and Spheros 2) I decided to create something easy to make and play just for the sake of doing it. You can expect occasional sequels but we won't make anything astonishing out of this engine (at least we don't plan to).


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Not particularly good for a puzzle game, but it's porn so hey


Nice music for a puzzle game. And also really nice concept lol

Really well made !

Great music Choice also !

Problem with Ambiguity

There is a problem with #7 (bottom row, 3rd from the left) in that is very easy to mistake the two pairs of pictures.

If you were to frame it with a black border it looks easily with Nami on the left. But actually you need the black border to be in the middle meaning with Nami on the right.

When I first did completed it I thought I was done and clicked the next X and it turned out I was still on the same one but now I have to restart since it unscambles everything.

Try not to choose pictures that can ambiguous in their orientation next time.

Can't finish last level

Because the part that says cover girls episode is backwards