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Ultimate NG Quiz

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WARNING: This quiz is no longer accurate, lots of things changed since the redesign.

This quiz contains 3 sections, with 15 questions each: easy, medium and hard. You think you can beat all the 3 sections? Good luck!

If you find any bugs or something like that, tell me.

It might take a while for the loading screen to appear, so please be patient.

- You are now able to click on the text instead of the buttons on the bottom
- You are able to change the music while answering the questions
- The animations are faster when you select a difficulty

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

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Very cool

For a quiz game, I was surprised at how well done it is. The graphics are very nice, not the usual plain background with boring text I see in so many other quiz games. It all flows very well.

I like the difficulty setting, being able to choose appeals not only to the new people but also to the veterans of the site. It keeps the target audience broad and the replay value just a bit higher.

Overall, great quiz.

-Review Request Club-

Good design

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Very good design for a quiz. Not a beginners quiz by any means. You tend to see the random ugly background with poor text and a very unorganized manner to everything, but this was pretty organized and was very easy on the eyes. It seems like all buttons worked properly.

~ Story/Content ~

A lot of good questions. The ability to choose a difficulty is pretty cool. Since a lot of questions were possible to be looked up in the FAQ perhaps you could have added some sort of time limit on the questions. The easy questions could have a long time to be answered and the time could go down with each difficulty.

~ Audio ~

I felt like there should have been some sort of song that was playing as soon as it started. I almost didn't discover the music player on the bottom. The choice picking of the song of your choice and the option to turn music off was very nice.

~ Overall ~

Better than average.

~ Review Request Club ~


There's a good amount of questions all ranging from very easy to very hard. Sometimes a little variation in the questions would've been nice. Too many maths related questions for my taste. But I liked the idea of displaying for example level icons and then let the user calculate the result.

You also offer a nice amount of music plus the option to turn it off. So I guess everyone who plays this game should be able find something he/she likes.

The problem is that there are already so many quizes out there that this isn't very original anymore. It's good, and it stands out from the sheer mass of quizes, but it's not original. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

a average quiz

It was one of the better quizes i have played in awhile.

I played on hard mode, nothing you could not answer with your computers calculator and the the NG FAQ. The layout was good and your choice of music fit it perfectly.

Some of the questions were hard, and not the normal user could just guss right. Good move by making it if you guss wrong you go back to the start, it prevents someone from just gussing 3 times and then getting the right answer.

The only thing i did not like was the way you had to click the button at the bottom, it would be easier if you made the words clickable for various reasons.

I did like it alot, good job.

Review Request Club

A few issues

It's not a bad quiz, with some decent questions, which can't pose too much of a problem to users prepared to look at the FAQ, the forums and the like to get their answers.

The one question that you posed in Hard mode has a real issue with the fact that the maths is wrong - 30 per day for 516 days does not equal 17,500 B/P, which is the requirement for Colonel, the corresponding badge. A little trial and error will find the answers if you're desperate for getting further in the quiz, but it's not really what I was after.

A good selection of music and it all fits together quite well.

[Review Request Club]

dx5231 responds:

I'll check out this wrong question. Thanks for pointing it out.