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TerrorWar - Da PAYBACK

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Control thousands of megatons of space-borne nuclear firepower for the ED9K Legions of Death! Rain hell-fire on the Middle East (and France, of course), drive bin Laden out of his hole and blast him out of the sky, and heap honor and fear upon your name! With special guest appearances by Moamahr Quadaffi, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and some Iranian dude.



KIll them all! Let God sort them out

If I lived there...

This is one of a heck good game. You have to bomb all the citys with a star on it. Well, the game is over quick, because there are to less citys with stars on it. I just bomb the other citys. A good thing is when you throw more bombs the blasts will be bigger and it actually sounds like there are more explosions. If you bomb a city, I saw Saddam saying: Fuck something. I want him to shut up, so I bombed Iraq, and BANG! on the screen, his ugly face blew up. But nice job, but don't play it to long, otherwise you'll get addicted :P. Keep up the good work!

This game was da bomb

this shit is awesome make one more pls.

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Fun way to pass the time

Pretty neat, you get to nuke the middle east, and it looks like some of Europe too. Now I see why they don't put someone like me in charge of the nukes.


I like how you can nuke Mecca, and how destroying the Answar Dam takes out half of Egypt, but I'm not quite sure as to why you can nuke Paris and Bahrain. Not that I like the French that much, it just doesn't make too much sense.

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2002
12:42 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other