TerrorWar - Da PAYBACK

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Control thousands of megatons of space-borne nuclear firepower for the ED9K Legions of Death! Rain hell-fire on the Middle East (and France, of course), drive bin Laden out of his hole and blast him out of the sky, and heap honor and fear upon your name! With special guest appearances by Moamahr Quadaffi, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and some Iranian dude.



Wow, people who write reviews for this (and their only reason for doing so) just saying "OMG WHY YOU ABLE TO NUKE FRANCE FRANCE DONT HAVE MUSLIMS" or that simply you are sending the wrong message about Muslims and terrorism, which yes, I agree with, it may be sending the wrong message if this was an actual command center for live nukes, otherwise, just remember its a damn game and if you don't like it, don't waste your time and go on to another quality flash movie/game.

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Not all Middle-Easterns are Muslim, and 99% of Muslims are NOT terrorists. The message you send with this is a shitty one.

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the only reason france is nuked is because alot of muslims there but dtill i love the mecca part hilarious

Devoid of tactic and maturity

This game demonstrated the clear immaturity and lack of tactical sense in Americans.
Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, France, Israel(to mention a few)?
Good thing this guy isn't in control of America.

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fun game but....

Why nuke the entire middle east when its only a few men who hate us? and why is france being nuked? in my opinion i dont think you should have put in all those nuke-able places just because they are the muslim religions. there is nothing wrong with muslims

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Apr 11, 2002
12:42 AM EDT
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