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Boxbot in: Look, Boxes

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Hard for the sake of being hard.


'm' - Turn off the music. Permanently.

Arrow keys - Move and jump

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hard, addicting platform action

This has that sort of "gotta beat this freakin level" quality that the first few MegaMan games had (as well as many other classic NES games). The level design is simple, yet challenging to play. The character is a goofy box thing, which seems like a joke about how simplistic the game itself is (read: it's funny). And although it is a pretty basic platform game, it shows that the designer has a lot of potential.

hard is not an excuse

I like platformers, especially difficult platformers. I Wanna Be the Guy is one of my favorites. This game, however, isn't all that entertaining for me. I won't say "its too hard" because that would be against the spirit of the game as its supposed to be hard. I will say that repetition can be a good gameplay mechanic when there are cues that tell the player what he/she is doing wrong. This game has no cues for what is happening to the player. Jumping against an invisible wall can be a useful tool in a game like this but there should be some way of showing the player that there is an alternative, or even simply acknowledging the fact that they hit the wall. Maybe the wall they hit glows where they hit it for the split second that they are touching it, maybe there is a sound effect, but just making the player jump into the wall 100 times trying to hit the right angle without knowing where that angle is tends to be more annoying than "hard."

Great game

This game is awesome. I love the visuals and the music.

Not Great, but not Bad

Its fun but theres just nothing too compelling or different about the game. It definately needs some polishing. But overall its a pretty good game.


There are way too many games that anyone can beat with enough time. Really there should be more games that not everyone can beat. Other than that its still a good platformer.