Birthday 18

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I whipped this up in a couple of days, so don't expect anything too great.

I'm 18, good times

E Abm B A (main)
E Abm F#m B (break)

To download the song: http://sharebee.com/20a09 fad
It's not on the audio portal cause I recorded it in 41khz and not 48. SADFACE.


One of my favorite :)

This was onew of my favorite flas videos when it came out, and still is.
I drinked for uor sorrow (but at least it didint becom 3 years ;) ).

O, and for u MR. christianimage down below me. U whant to go to war???
Y? So u could kill Osama and sadam ? Dude , just think abaut it .
And yes , it was abaut american money an oil. Arabiand are idiots and could not make this perfect plans whitout any help (america, and who knows who else)

And one last question. Would u kill Hitler if u could goo back in time?
Well I would not. At leat half of germany becomed their agan (yes I'm talking abaut THEM) Think abautit how many of THEM would be in the world if Hitler and his mone boy's would not help out the world.... and this is what thet pour dude gets.
Shame on u, and all of u who thiks the same.

p.s. I liked the wideo, but yes, i only commented because of the coment below me.

Good animation

Guys, stop bitching about war and everything. War is good. Without war, we wouldn't be able to kill Osama, Ghaddafi, Saddam, HITLER, or any other bastards/bitches that hurt the world! And I, for one, WANT to go to war! I WANT to kill. I WANT to shoot the bastards responsible for the oblivion of tens of thousands of American, British, Scottish, Wal-ish or whatever you call them ( not trying to be offensive ), and Irish troops over in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Anyways....... Very good animation, just not PERFECT. A few adjustments (idk which, theres alot to improve on that idk or dont want to bitch about ), and it'll be perfect!

Oh man...

Being drafted sucks... I don't even know what most wars are for. Defending your country is okay, but having to draft everybody is lame. Wars are pointless because we fight for "peace" Somebody as gifted as Yotam Perel shouldn't EVER be put in the army. It's a wasted three years. It's good you didn't have to kill. =)
Only one question...
If you said you needed to go for three years, why in your next Birthday song you said you were out and free?
5/5 10/10

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YOU CANT GO TO ARMY ARE YOU REALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what your feeling

hate national service too

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