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::::For those who think I have stolen the idea from the flash movie 'Paradox: Cat and Toast' MUST REALIZE I had created this in NOVEMBER 2008 as GermanSoldierLock's was submitted in DECEMBER 2008. Reasoning behind me uploading this now is that I realize I have hardly any animations of mine submitted.
Also, this idea as been done before and it is ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL. Thanks for understanding.::::

A flash I made in Media Tech class November 2008 in junior year of high school. The criteria was you had to use transparency layers as well as an explosion. I kind of went off and beyond and created a short story based upon this. The ending was rushed because we only had two weeks to complete it in 1 1/2 hour sessions. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy. I used audio from a royalty free site.

I apologize for the lack of a loading bar, had I had enough time I would have made one. I do not have the .fla anymore as it was on a school computer.



Not much else to say.

I always wondered if that would happen.

The animation and style reminds me of some cartoons from the 90's. Man, I miss those days.

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nice and colorful short, lover your presentation


...I like this...a good spin on that myth about if a cat had buttered toast tied to its back it would hover in midair coz toast always lands buttered side down but also a cat always landed on its feet...or so they say...whoever "they" are...

short and sweet

very cute and clever, i know you didn't have enough time but a replay button would be nice. anyway congrats on getting the high rank and i look forward to seeing more from you.
as for sharpeye1's post...
sharpeye why i do agree there are better flashes out there, realize that lots of flashes that get into the top 50 come and go. While Waterlollies is a great flash, i'm glad the top 50 isn't made of stone and that so many people get to be in the top 50. anyway while criticism is good excessive insults are a bit much.
sorry for the long post

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4.41 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
6:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original