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::::For those who think I have stolen the idea from the flash movie 'Paradox: Cat and Toast' MUST REALIZE I had created this in NOVEMBER 2008 as GermanSoldierLock's was submitted in DECEMBER 2008. Reasoning behind me uploading this now is that I realize I have hardly any animations of mine submitted.
Also, this idea as been done before and it is ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL. Thanks for understanding.::::

A flash I made in Media Tech class November 2008 in junior year of high school. The criteria was you had to use transparency layers as well as an explosion. I kind of went off and beyond and created a short story based upon this. The ending was rushed because we only had two weeks to complete it in 1 1/2 hour sessions. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy. I used audio from a royalty free site.

I apologize for the lack of a loading bar, had I had enough time I would have made one. I do not have the .fla anymore as it was on a school computer.

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The ultimate...

..Anti-Fail that is yet still a fail.


itz be la cat toast

Tried it .

Cat + Toast = Antifail .

wow! lamo!!!!!!!!!!

this is the most funniest video ever!
put toast on kitty and drop it from a very highest point and and watch teh cat try to figure out how to land on teh ground and nice sound effects of the boom i was like wtf!? O.o?
but then when i was watching it maybe again i died laughing all the time!
NICE JOB on thsi video!!!


very good. I liked it very much. Weird Al Yankovic would be proud

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Jun 12, 2009
6:08 PM EDT
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