Parking Challange

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I hope you like it ;)

-------English Manual-------

Press at the Key in the Main Menu.
Use the "Up", "Down", "Left" and "Right" keys to control the car.
When you are in the parking place press Space.
Now press the arrow in the right to go to the next level.



The game isn't made by himself , the real developers are adgamez.de .


That was awesome. I believe the damage should go up faster because once I got road rage and it took me the whole given time to do 100% damage. lol

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What the fuck idiot driver doesn't stop when they see a ton and a half piece of automobile in the road. Change that and this would get a 9.

Way more better than I expected

Though not an original concept, and a lot of tweaking needed for each specific vehicle as Tonys-Son had pointed out, I love the visual elements of the game that totally deserves a shout out. Very good use of colors, UI elements, loading bar and menus. Good visuals on the cars, textures for the ground and a excellent sense of lighting.

Though I understand that a task like this does require some hardcore concentration but hey once one gets the hang of things, may be the option to turn on the radio would be a nice touch. Dont forget to translate this to english :D

For this being your only game submission, I would say I would be interested in seeing more awesome submission from you.


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The game has potential. Some Suggestions:
Raise the time limit
Make the cars move a little faster
Make an english version
Overall Good Job

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2.85 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
3:31 PM EDT
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