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My first time using flash so i decided to use sprites because i read that they are easier.

I know it suXs

I hope you enjoy.

I spent 8 hours on this.

please leave a review and rate.


I HOPE YOU DIE, NO ONE LOVES YOU will be flagged.



there r wrs

Good for a first

This flash is simply OK for a first flash. But I have some suggestions: First thing I will say is that maybe you should add some core peices of a simple animation which are backgrounds and sound effects. They can improve your movie a lot.

You're lucky im one of the few supporters of sprite movies so I think all sprite movies are fine, but this one seems like its been on newgrounds many other times. If you want to continue with sonic sprites maybe you should give them and your plot an extra twist to make your movie seem more original.

I also reccomend that you get a newgrounds preloader because no one likes a looping movie with no play button.

Im a little new to animating too so we are kinda on the same level. A good movie just takes time to make.

Just keep trying and you will get it some day!

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FuzzyElk responds:

Thank you


it's great that you're learning to do flash, but here are some pointers on how to get better scores.

first off don't use sprites. yeah they're easy, but hardly anyone has an appreciation for those who use them, because of that fact.

be original. do a search for sonic/ mario based flash movies, and literally 1,000's of titles come up in the search. it's nearly to the point now where if there's even a mention of either in the title, it's almost an automatic blam, because most people are sick of sonic/mario submissions.

when using text in flash movies... if you can't read what's being written because the speed is too fast, no one else will either, fix it before submitting.

take your time. this is the biggest problem with people who submit to this site. everyone wants attention, awards, high scores ect., but very few take the time to actually put serious effort into their work, and i am not talking about 8 hours, i am talking about being patient, even if that means if it takes having to put weeks worth, even months in some cases into a couple minutes of flash.

as for reviews themselves, you don't need trial & error of submitting your own work on here to get an idea of what makes a good flash. the best reviews or advice you can possibly get on this site are the ones that are left on other peoples work, and by observing videos that have made the top 10.

the comment section... self degradation in the comment section is pointless, and i am talking about the "i know it sux" comment you left in there. if you looked objectively on that comment you probably would ask the same question that i did after reading that, which was "then why even submit this?". believe me, some people do read the comments, and what you say is going to slightly influence someone's initial impression.

that's all i have.

keep practicing. ~peace

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FuzzyElk responds:

Thank you

it needs work

i know this is u first one and i tried 2 be fair judging but it just wasn't any good and the loop is annoying it needs a LOT of work but i'm sure u'll get better with experience

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It's ok for a first timer

What's with the loop? Oh 8 hours... If you work on it it could be better, even make a series. Good luck!!!

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1.21 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
2:17 PM EDT
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