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After my first game, Chroma Circuit, I wanted to create simpler matching game that would appeal to wider audience. I came up with Gridshock, which is a bit of a mix between Tetris and Collapse.

Match three or more lights, in any direction, to clear them from the grid. If the grid fills up, the game is over! Simply click each row on the grid to activate new lights. Control the tide as the timer fills up and new columns are activated automatically. Get big cascading combos for the maximum possible score.

Alternative Keyboard Controls:
The UP and DOWN arrow keys change rows. The SPACEBAR activates a light.


Nice game

This is a nice puzzle game but needs some powerups or similar...

I have one problem:

The game is played on its side, for me I found this very confusing to play, it should be facing upwards or downwards.

Surprisingly quite addictive.

When began playing the game, it initially held no hope out for me, as these types of games normally don't appeal to me too much. But this one was much more appealing that I initially anticipated. I do apologise for initially being track-minded, as I usually not like that. However you have converted me. The game will go on and on, and you will not get bored.

Graphics - Nicely finished.
Game concept - Surpisingly original.

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Neat and simple idea, but

I am afraid I can't play due to the colors. The blue, purple and pink look all like purple to me and I can't discern between them, the same goes for green and brown.
Unfortunately some people have this problem with noticing differences between green-yellow-brown, turquoise-blue-purple, pink-red-orange if they are of similar brightness (but not only).

It was good

It just needs different modes and maybe some powerups, different colours cubes at higher levels

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
1:27 PM EDT
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