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Spheros 2

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This is a Hentai game but can be played in a hentai-free mode!

In Spheros you are presented with a field of colored spheres, and your objective is to clear a designated amount in restricted number of moves. You accomplish it by selecting which color of spheres should be removed, and those which are of said color AND are standing next to void will vanish.
Spheros 2 brings a lot of changes. First and foremost levels are now predetermined, so no more randomizing levels. Two new elements were added - Wall and Bomb. Finally, a title screen...
...well and the Censored mode. This is something for all those hentai-haters who as soon as sniff that game/animation contains hentai vote 0, but also for those who are unable to play adult game (due to surrounding - work, people - or age).
EDIT: Updated the game to make it easier (each room excepting last got from 2 to 5 additional/spare moves).

That would be it. Please, enjoy!

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Good game

Fun, easy (most of the time) and of course, great rewards. My only complaint is that the background image in the menu isnt unlockable.

Very good game!

Challenging, but not too challenging. And great artwork for rewards!

Great Game (lvl 8 help)

Just a great game and nice pics^^

to Beat lvl 8: Yellow > Silver > Pink > Green > Red > Green > Pink > Green (Explode) > Yellow > Silver > Pink > Blue > Red > Green > Yellow


Great puzzle game. Had to work through a few spots more than my fair share to get past them, but worth the effort. Challenging at times and nice rewards! Music was so-so, but it worked. Thanks for sharing! 10/10

I came<3

The only flaw is lack of a method for going back to the title, unless progress is saved.