Primal War 19

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Well sorry it took me 9 months to submitt this chapter ,but I finally done . This chapter is basiclly a preparation for the final battle. It was intended that chapter 19 will be done in 2 volumes but I decided that I will continue on to chapter 20 and the their will be a "Primal War : Final "so their will be 2 more eps left. I have so much extra battle footaage that I cannot fit in this episode , so look out for the next chapter around.........let me hold of on the due date. Hope you enjoy.


? why the masters are lady's

the bacround is cool voice stink charecter sucks i cant understand what the human's saying the war is better not girl fight its a little bit good

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i dont know

its not that this was bad, because, over all i think the backgrounds were good, animatioin was ok. but...i think where alot of people might agree with me, its probably not worth front page. the sound is not that good, and i dont really like the way the story arches here....still you can tell alot of work was put into it, and its no where near as bad as some of the people are making it seem

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Ive been a major follower in the PW seris and this is a dissappointment u are trying to gain to much glory from these and i say u should end it while the public still has a slight intrest. You are leaveing out major fight scenes and the awesomeness which gave u ur popularity!

not enjoyable

i didn't enjoy this

a lot of the animation was..sucky. like when that girl was climbing up the stairs in the beginning? blah

that one scene where the red hair girl holds that guy she loves was horrible. and what was worse was it was repeated like, a million times. blah.

the sound was soooooo bad. it was grating on the ears, and made me want to stop watching.

but, there were some good aspects about it i guess. some of the animation was really good, especially the explosions and "special effects."

but not enough to make it worth watching.

dont like it

the majority of this is too random its missing soo many bits
sound is also a bit lame
graphics were ok....

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4.07 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
8:56 AM EDT