Primal War 19

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Well sorry it took me 9 months to submitt this chapter ,but I finally done . This chapter is basiclly a preparation for the final battle. It was intended that chapter 19 will be done in 2 volumes but I decided that I will continue on to chapter 20 and the their will be a "Primal War : Final "so their will be 2 more eps left. I have so much extra battle footaage that I cannot fit in this episode , so look out for the next chapter around.........let me hold of on the due date. Hope you enjoy.


very nice

Man, I'm your fan since 2007. This series is great. I was watching it again here. It's been 9 months, any spoilers? XD


Forget about the talking, eh I mean the growling of the animals is not an issue, focus on the story and animation.

Well Done!

Finally Finished

I have been watching this from the start and I have to say, you have done one hell of a job. I'm trying to get a group together of my own to make a series, but no luck. I do, however, have people like you that inspire me wit hsuch great talent. Keep it up dude, I can't wait until 20. Take your time and make it epic. If you ever do another series, you should get voice actors. The animal sound give Primal Wars it own character, but if you do a remake or a second season, you should get some voice actors.

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put more time into it


Please put more time into each PW flash animation. In the end you will have a more professional piece that will stand for years.

Sound FX is also an issue.

Nice Work ...

... but a pause button would be a nice touch!

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Jun 12, 2009
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