Primal War 19

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Well sorry it took me 9 months to submitt this chapter ,but I finally done . This chapter is basiclly a preparation for the final battle. It was intended that chapter 19 will be done in 2 volumes but I decided that I will continue on to chapter 20 and the their will be a "Primal War : Final "so their will be 2 more eps left. I have so much extra battle footaage that I cannot fit in this episode , so look out for the next chapter around.........let me hold of on the due date. Hope you enjoy.


Again all my stars belong to U

A great followup to Ch. 18 and I hope Part 20 comes really soon. I love the compare/contrast that you did between the Princess and Naca as they are now the rulers of their respective kingdoms. And Naca's Green Lantern moment was a nice touch.

I'm honestly left with more questions than answers and I can't wait to see how you tie everything together. And I have to add one more compliment: watching your series has been one of the inspirations for my writing. While working on chapter for my own series 'The Prower Chronicles' I took mental notes on how well the timing was for scenes in your episodes and how to add suspense in a natural way over time (and making dynamic characters with as little effort as possible).

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Nice as always...

Can't wait for part 20.


the wait was well worth it!


while not my favorite genre, i must say the movie was very well done. the only minor problem i had was with the audio. the background music seemed really quiet and i personally feel like it could use some voice acting as well. all and all, its a great submission though.

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Always inspiring to watch

You might be a legend someday

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Jun 12, 2009
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