Primal War 19

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Well sorry it took me 9 months to submitt this chapter ,but I finally done . This chapter is basiclly a preparation for the final battle. It was intended that chapter 19 will be done in 2 volumes but I decided that I will continue on to chapter 20 and the their will be a "Primal War : Final "so their will be 2 more eps left. I have so much extra battle footaage that I cannot fit in this episode , so look out for the next chapter around.........let me hold of on the due date. Hope you enjoy.


To "Primal War 19"


The animation was really really well done, I like your sloppy style and effects, great job. How you made a background for every single scene was also very impressive, I wish I had your patience. Your effects could be better, everything was hand drawn and then you use radials and stuff for the effects, that didn't quite fit.


The music could be much better, some scenes looked dramatic to me, but the music didn't change, so it wasn't that dramatic as I think it should be, and the drama also gets ruined by the "voice acting". It's kind of weird and unusual, yet original. But it did ruin allot of action.


Quite good, it's the same old war story, I think, but it's good, nice job.

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nice story

I don't find it to hard to follow, the scenes changing that much makes it more chaottic and then the fighting looks better. You don't directly see it, but I get then more interreseted.


Nice story, though the ending sucked. Great animation. Excellent job, better than most, but needs a little work. I'm sure the next 2 will be brilliant.

Room for improvement

The story line seems alright... random dinosaurs vs. random mamals, and then there are some chicks that do fireworks.
Its not deep, but interesting enough. I haven't watched the first 18 episodes, however I think it's safe to say that there's way too much going on here, and I have no idea what most of it even means.

The drawings are alright, but the animation made me laugh. There's even a scene where nothing is moving but the chick's breasts. But the thing that bothered me the most is the sound effects. The un-intelligable growling seems to be re-used several times for multiple characters. During some parts, such as the last scene, you have action with 2 characters and captions on the bottom containing dialogue; this gives it very much of a comic book feel, and I think it's kind of cool that way... in my opinion, the growling kind of takes away from your video.

hope this helps.

Good, but seems slightly flawed.

The enviroments are great, the art style is great.. The only thing that truly bothers me is the character animation. I believe you're ignoring a few basic rules with animation here on the project and I've thought this for some time about this series. A little bit of animation easing (speeding up and slowing down movements) would go a long long way with this project. Everything you do seems to just move at a constant rate. Other then that everything else is fantastic and I think you should be very proud to have gotten this far with the series.

Keep it up!

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Jun 12, 2009
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