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Arnold harasses a computer company, and lives up to his promise when he says he will be back. This is a Prank Call Package 4 submission; One of the best. You are not allowed to blam this forever. Doing so then you're an infidel to all laws. You're not an INFIDEL right? P.S.: Yes, the computer company's picture is Apple Macintosh logo. I simply chose that logo, because the company called has never known in name, nor its logo.



This is not a flash animation. It is a recording played over a simple slideshow.

Hence should not be in the portal.

Please note, this is not an abusive review. I am simply reviewing what I see.


0/5 0/10


What do you mean the computer company is never known in name nor its logo? You mean you don't KNOW who the company was? Does that mean you're NOT EVEN THE ONE MAKING THESE CALLS?

If so, you'd be stealing the one meaningful part of this flash, since there's no animation. You should add some, btw.

AlienHive responds:

What the Hell are you man. This was uploaded before, and I get "permission" to upload before.

REALLY Clever Prank

The gag was awesome. It may have been kinda cool to have some different pics coming up between the different calls just for eye candy. try something like this for the next ones. Nice sound editing. Cheers. and Good Job.

AlienHive responds:

Thanks! But sorry, I can't provide different pics.

you got better

good mash up. much mor amusing then the last one i sore.

*hang up* <ring ring> "hello" "i'm back" that made me LOL.

i guess sound bords do have a use.

god is this still going.

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AlienHive responds:

Yes, this was made using soundboards.

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2.88 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2009
8:21 AM EDT
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