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Dungeon Knight

rated 3.34 / 5 stars
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Jun 10, 2009 | 9:08 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Dungeon Knight is a puzzle game. You control the fearsome knight with the great -but as it seems, totally useless- sword in a quest to save the princess from the dungeon. As expected, the dungeon is inhabited by slimy monsters. And just because the sword cannot seem to do much more than keep the monsters a bit away, all you can do is to avoid them. Until they realise that you do not pose much of a threat of course.

Or do you? Of course you do! Even if your equipment might not be in a state to take advantage of your brawns, your brain is in perfect shape and you can outsmart these green drones at any time. Just guide them to their own death by bumping them to each other. Or just outrun them.

To play Dungeon Knight use the arrow keys to move the knight around. The game is turn based, so the monsters will stay in their positions until you do a move. You can skip a single turn by pressing space. This is needed in some puzzles. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot win, just restart the map by pressing R. Unlike getting killed, you do not lose a life with R. To finish a level, move to the opening at the borders of the level.

Arrows - move around
Space - skip turn
R - restart level without losing a life

This is a game i had lying in my hard disk for a while. Why didn't uploaded it sooner? Long story, but it mostly had to do with me having to download, modify some source code and compile some program for making some resources for the game, etc and i was totally bored to do it :-P



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad at all!

But a bit disapointed! When i first saw that game, it reminded me of the old-time rpg's, you know, with the monsters walking at the same time towards you, and then you had to click on them to foght and you had to buy food and spend gold to raise your skills...
But the puzzle game, is..., i don't know...a bit too random, actually...but as i can't really explain this, i'll just say that i enjoyed it, for a quick game.
(Glad you took my advice with the music! But this one in this game is less aggressive, and kinda adds a creepy atmosphere.)
Keep on going!
(A rpg! A rpg! A rpg!)

badsectoracula responds:

Yes, the top-down look etc looks a bit RPG-ish :-). I'm not sure if people like Flash RPGs though. I have something in my mind, more laid back and not so "actionish" to do with my next 3D engine, but again i'm not sure if people like more "involved" games in Flash. I like to do both though - minigames, such as this one, and (relatively) bigger games such as Rombo.

I might try to do something and break it in "episodes" or "chapters". People might like it better this way, but i've heard comments from other developers trying to make RPGs who said that Flash players don't really prefer them. While i love making my own stuff, even if it isn't something that usually others make, i also want people to play my games so i have to consider making something that both me and others will like :-)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game

I like the simplicity. The last stage was difficult.. everything else was cake..
I kinda figured the movement was random, is there a greater chance the monster will move down when you are more steps downwards than sideways?

Anyhow, the only issue was that in one stage, the one with three monsters in the right room and two spike sets "protecting" the entrace to that room.. you need luck to have the monsters die in the right position to block the passage..

One more tiny thing.. Having the dead monsters block your path kinda.. can get annoying in the last stage.. the big green they have when they catch you is cool.:)

badsectoracula responds:

The chance should be the same, but this actually depends on Flash's random number generator. The code is something like "if (Math.random() > 0.5) move_horizontally; else move_vertically".


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Too easy and boring

The gameplay were pretty basic and repetitive. You could add in some more stuff to make it more challenging. I never need to press restart and the only time I really think before making a move is the final stage, too easy.

badsectoracula responds:

I'll try to improve on that


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


very entertaining, but also very simplistic. I enjoyed the puzzle aspect and thinking ahead, and the idea of having the monsters kill themselves is fun all by itself. The only problem I have is with the difficulty in the later levels though that is to be expected with this kind of game. My first play through the monsters wouldn't touch the spikes not matter what position they were in, and on my second play through after losing too many lives the monsters would attack me on the spikes and I would die to things I didn't die to on the first run.

to new players: don't be afraid to restart with 'R'
makes your life much easier :)

badsectoracula responds:

The monster's movement is a bit random (basically the decision to move horizontally or vertically is random - they always come towards the player). I wasn't sure if i wanted to make it expectable or add a bit of salty randomness. I chose to keep the randomness because it surprises you sometimes :-).

Thanks for the comment :-)