Chronicles of Clitoria

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Sorry for the huge filesize, it's due to all the sound files, I just couldn't get the size down.

A story about a young boy named Nayr, who is the chosen one, being tracked down by the evil lord Senip's scouts.

The chronicles of Clitoria contains alot of penises (hidden or not), you've been warned.

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This was fucking win!!


by whatshisface you mean my brother XDDD


many kids will like this shit.

Fuck!!! really awesome.


Wow you guys actually made a flash video. I'm giving you an 8 because the sound was a bit... annoying & statically sometimes. Although, I'm really impressed with what you have. Although did you really have to add in the game? Come on man. That was pushing it a bit.

I give myself bonus points for knowing everyone's voice. :D

Krod Mandoon-esque

Since I like shows like Krod Mandoon, I have a bias in favor of this. Plus their continent is shaped like Florida. Also, H4Z4RD5 stop squeaking your chair when you talk into the mic! If you don't know Krod, google it.