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Shopping Street

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Start your own retail business; earn money by operating your shops.
Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow.

Updates and Bug Fixes:
The Bus Stop bug has been fixed.
Newspapers now add money normally.
Next Day button is locked now while there are customers on the street.

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Very Nostalgic for me.I love this game!

LOVE! IT MY FAVE! 10/10! Its so fun beacause you can choose to make your own street! Also, i'd never get to chicargo without your help!!!! Detail- good Shops- awsum money- IMMENSE! But a bit of advice, you should make the COLOURS different to the game.

I've played Shopping Street through probably 10+ times on multiple sites. It is a very addicting game to play even if I'm doing other things, just let it run in the background. In those times, I've found the best strategy in order of buildings is: Electronics - Boutique - Pet Shop - Toy Store - Jewelry - Restauraunt - Furniture - Market; then Bus Stop - Bench - News Stand - Music - bench - Music - News - Bench.

On the first day, put a pet shop on the third spot over, and a news stand on the second spot over, too. This will allow you to get the 1k bonus for the day, and at the end of the day put in the Boutique on the second spot and a bench on the first spot.

On the second day, you should be able to get the 1k bonus. The next few days you might or might not get the 1k bonus, but you usually won't until you get your buildings up a few levels more.

The third day is a nothing special day, but on the fourth you'll make enough money to upgrade the boutique or pet shop or even buy a toy store. Upgrade the Pet Shop.

Day Five will bring in enough to upgrade the Boutique. Do it.

Day six you'll earn the 1k bonus. After you earn the bonus, buy the bus stop. This will enable you to bring more shoppers to the street. After they go through you'll earn a second 1k bonus on the day. This is the only day that will happen.

On day Seven, when you get enough money immediately buy the Toy Store and put a music ad on the third spot.

On day Eight you should upgrade the Pet Shop. Then on day Nine you should upgrade the Boutique. Now both the Boutique and Pet Shop will be fully upgraded.

Day Ten when you get the money, immediately buy the Jewelry store and put it on the fifth spot, putting a bench on the fourth spot. Day Eleven you should upgrade the Toy Store immediately as you get the money, so you may earn more beginning on that day instead of the next.

Day Twelve when you get the money put the Electronics on the first spot. It won't get that many customers on the first day, but is essential in later days. The bus stop is already built on the space in front of it, so no news stand/bench/music spot may be built.

On Day Thirteen, build the Furniture store on space Seven when you get the funds, and put a news stand in front of it on spot Six. You may also put a music ad on spot Five and a bench on spot Seven.

Day Fourteen you should upgrade the Jewelry shop. Day Fifteen upgrade the Toy Store. The Boutique, Pet Shop and Toy Store are all now fully upgraded.

At the end of Day Sixteen, buy a Market on Spot Eight. Day Seventeen buy the Restaurant on space Six. On day Eighteen, upgrade Electronics to level 2. At the end of Day Nineteen, upgrade Jewelry to the final level. Day Twenty you should upgrade Electronics to the final level.

Day Twenty-One upgrade Furniture to level 2. Day Twenty-Two is a money making day. Day Twenty-Three upgrade the Market to level 2 immediately as you get the money for it, before customers arrive at it. Day Twenty-Four is a money making day. Day Twenty-Five upgrade Furniture immediately when you get enough money for it; this will bring it to the max level.

Day Twenty-Six is a money making day. Day Twenty-Seven upgrade the Market to the max level immediately after getting the money. Upgrade the Restaurant to level 2 at the end of Day Twenty-Seven. Day Twenty-Eight upgrade the Restaurant to max level immediately when you get the money before customers arrive at it. All buildings are now upgraded. Day Twenty-Nine and Thirty are now money-making days, and you've beaten the game. This strategy works on all levels. I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble with the game.



Is this a joke?

This game is EXACTLY the same as your 'Shopping City'. You've used exactly the same descriptions and everything. I'm not sure which of the games came first but this is not the way to go. You could of at least attempted to make it unrecognisable. Not cool.