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Why I Don't Make Flashes

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Author Comments

Ok that little "loop" thing that was happening.... wasn't supposed too. So I kinda fixed it.

Also I added credits, no real reason why.



This is a joke that contains obvious IRONY. If you don't understand that sentence then enjoy getting angry at this bright light magically coming from you computer screen.

The original was "accidentally" deleted by a friend of mine using my computer. So I remade it into the joy you see today.

Yes this is me selflessly pimping my bad ass voice acting skills! Check out my audio submissions for more heart warming fun!

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This is amazing.

Never before on NewGrounds have I seen such an amazing animation. This square is just.... there are no words to describe how awesome this square is.

Ok, well, it was a funny video, and I can relate. =P


Its a squah!!! lolol. its hilarious that such a simple thing "such as a SQUAH!!!!" could be so entertaining. now imma go take a shower in the dark. Bravo

You got EXACTLY what you wanted to achieve.

You didn't go under par at any part, and for that, a ten you will get.

I know how you feel though..

You may expect this square to tell a joke

Got me laughing lol.


Now thats one nicly shaped square for that you get 10 :D

ForNoReason responds:

Why thank you Mr.Dragon!