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Theories and Practice

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Edit: Thanks for the Daily 4th Place Award everyone! Thanks for voting and all your reviews too!

A music video animated to the song "Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden, which tries to express the trials and frustrations of mankind faced by the problems in this world and how few overcome them, some don't, and most... just get worse or find someone else to blame.

In the end there are things we want to do which remain 'Theories', and what we eventually wind up doing 'Practise'

But ofcourse that's just my view. There are many layers of meaning that can be unraveled by you as the audience. Be sure to share some with me if you can :-)


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Jackbliss you are the god of entertainment and emotions.

I searched a long time for this...


I remember seeing this a few years back and thinking to myself how well executed and edited this music video was.

The animation wasn't anything special, but the themes, concepts, and the way you presented them were very well presented.

I think this is a cartoon about how people try to better themselves and the struggles in attempting to do so, some will succeed, and some will fail.

Initially the ending seemed pessimistic, and at worst fatalistic, but after mulling it over it's actually pragmatic.

Most people when attempting to do the right thing will end up failing, I don't think that's the point you were trying to make though, I think you were trying to convey the act of attempting to better oneself is important.

Despite the flawed animation, I feel this is one of the few excellent pieces on newgrounds purely on thematic grounds, it's rare to see something so sincere in it's depiction of human nature, and the dark nature of our current societal malaise...

It almost was like Todd Solondz directed an animated music video,
well done!
- Celx


i havent seen a music video on newgrounds as meaningfull as this since squeakytoads "dare - switchfoot"


This reminded me so much of a Beatles or Pink Floyd video. The visuals worked really well about the music. Great job!

jackbliss responds:

Wow thanks for comparing my music video with the greatness of Pink Floyd and The Beatles.Thanks also for your reviews on my other artworks :-)

Really deep

The message is really deep and few people understands it, but the ones who DO, they get an interesting fact on the world.

jackbliss responds:

Great!! Be sure to share it with me if you can. Thanks for your review :-)