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Emily's Letter 3D - part1

rated 3.66 / 5 stars
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Jun 9, 2009 | 5:31 AM EDT

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Author Comments

"The only thing he had left of hers was a simple letter."

Sup Newgrounds,

So yesterday around 6pm i decided to take a break from making my first ever animation,
Pong Battle - "Search here on NG to see the previews."

But before i knew it i came up with a idea for another movie and decided i had to start making it
right away.

Now after one bottle of kick, six cans of red bull and 16! nonstop! hours! Ive finished Part1
"What can i say Ive got a addictive personality."

I'm sorry to all those that was waiting for Pong Battle to be my first animation
but this one was spontaneous.
It literally happened overnight.

If you dont understand whats going on in the movie, Dont worry the story will unfold,
It will kinda work backwards.

There will be more parts to this story coming shortly so hold tyt.

And for all the people that loved the way i used 3Dstereo in Pong Battle
I will also be adding the effect to this series

So Go Find Your 3D-Glasses ! - Because It Looks So Much Better!

I tried somthing differnt with this one as you can see its a whole differnt style,
im a newb to animation so still just testing things.

So as always please leave any feedback or constructive criticism as it helps
a lot as I'm new to the scene.

Time to get some sleep now (=




Rated 5 / 5 stars

ignore those people spewing out criticism

it was good, I'm not sure if the 3d worked exactly but it was still awesome. I liked the effect of the view moving and the moon shifting behind the mountains, very well done. I don't know if I found 3d glasses or not, I got ones that looked like sunglasses from a theater, I just don't know if these were them. It was a beautiful animation but it was just a bit short. no worry it was still great. The music went with it well too. Please keep animating. the other reviewers are just jealous of your skills like I am, but they want to make you seem worse by giving you a low score. Just kidding. suggestions: The video could do with a bit of lengthening. Oh, and the stick figure kind of removed some of the dramatic feel. If you could ceate a character, it would be better but if that's asking too much I understand. Other than that, this is a great submissionand I look forward to seeing more. Please make more like these too. Violent flashes are barely a step above comedy flashes which are usually just above spam and find that a beautiful flash like this beats them all... You know except maybe some of the best fighting flashes.

JD-Studios responds:

Thanks ;)

After the commets i was going to give up because i understood what they was saying and my drawing skills are not great as i only just started animating but been doing some drawings and decided i will continue to make this movie because i want to tell the story,
take my time with it, i dont want a repeat of last night =)
So give me a little time and you all will see an improvement.

+Plus i still goto finish pong battle i think that could be frountpage matirial


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice Style

I like the graphics style of the set and was actually really looking forward to the animation , it all looked and sounded great , until the arrival of the stick man. I understand that it's much harder to draw real people but i think for me to feel anything for a character they need to have a face , a face that i can see smile and cry etc.
i find it incredibly hard to emotionally attach myself to stick characters and given that this isn't an action story etc. i think emotional attachment from the person watching is gonna be really important and to get people to care about stick characters is gonna be really hard :(
not quite sure how your going to solve this problem


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Don't slack off!

Not much animation,backgrounds are not very detailed.As i said previosly - try putting a button for 3d and normal picture.Music is ok,though i don't know what effect did you want this flash to produce to the guy watching it.The lovestory i think you want to unfold is very cliche now.Make graphics better.Next time get a good sleep,not 16 hours of non-stop work,you lose sharpness and start to get lazy to do stuff properly.Red Bulls are actually very bad to your system,becouse the taurine hits it pretty hard.I would't bother making part 2,but it's your choice.If you do,make it longer,this one's too short.Action flash animations are much more apretiated from ppl than the drama one's,we got Titanic for that,so i'd focus on more fast paced action stuff.People also love gore,and good gore not some red sprites or tons of no good red paint.Let's say a gore with style.Like a visible bone fracture all bleeding out,some stuff like that.More special effects,the ones in this flash are no good.Don't shake tha camera too much,it tends to get on the nerves.Slow motion is always good,but only on the right spot.And try timing the music with the event's on the screen,it has HUGE effect.Not a very good work.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

smooth but boring,,,,,

This was quite bad since it had boring story line.
the animation was nice but overused, how many time do i need to watch the cam getting closer because of the music.

No real animation was in it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Aww that was nice

I haz no 3D glasses =( But it looked really good, keep the other parts coming. Ill find those glasses somewhere.

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