Superb Mario Bros.trailer

June 8, 2009 –
July 31, 2009
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Author Comments

This actualy has taken a while to make, it is my BEST flash yet, and im dead serious. Im almost complete with the 1st episode, ive put much effort in this flash more than any other flash(as you can tell) STAY TUNED FOR THE REST OF THE EPISODE!!!!

personally, i think its pretty good


I have to admit, I was going to give you no stars because it just doesn't seem worthy of a star to me. This will explain my thinking:


--I HATE trailers. The very fact that this is a trailer makes me hate it, but I gave it a fair shot, just by watching it.

--Secondly I'm tired of Super Mario Brothers, they aren't that great, NG grossly overrates them, and they're old. Seriously guys how many more parodies of these guys can you make? They're plumbers!


--It distracted me badly.

--It didn't match what I was seeing and only added an unorganized randomness that I didn't enjoy seeing.

--If anything the choice of putting it into your flash was one of the worst decisions you made.


--Here is where I am most lenient, I know drawing and animating is hard, at least for me, but some things just need addressed, like your backgrounds. I know you think they're humorous but they too just confuse me or anger me. They're either a bunch of random colors put together or far too plain.

--The characters were probably your best feature in the whole flash. They still need work, but keep trying and you might have something.

--When Mario blasted the goombas, (or shroom people whatever) it was both cliché AND unrealistic, as well as poorly animated. I'm sorry but it's the truth.

--When you add words to the actions, it distracts me and reminds me of the worst batman movie ever made, which in turn angers me more as it was an extremely sad portrayal of batman.


--There is no replay button.

--There is no scene select.

--There is no mute.

That's all I feel I need to say, I'm sorry if I offended you, this is made to help you, not crush your hopes and dreams. Keep practicing.

Not bad...As you go on with this you'll get better with the graphical part of this, which is what is lacking the most. Your drawings could definitely use some more shading. Some of the animations are a bit slow though, and you need to animate a bit more. A lot of this seemed like still framed slides almost.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The graphics seemed to be a little off and cruddy a bit, spend a bit more time practicing how to draw each character and whatnot and it could have looked a lot better. The little tweens in the flash were pretty simplistic and mediocre but as previously said, just spend a little more time practicing your art and it should improve how the flash looks overall.

~ Story/Content ~

Even if this is a trailer, it could have used some more pans and a few zoom ins on the action happening but the actual content is what actually will drive people to want to watch it and if the people are into the character and storyline possibilities and whatnot.

Just give them a little more to go crazy about and then the main flash when it comes should go overall well.

~ Audio ~

Nice song seeing how it fits with the storyline and characters.

~ Overall ~

You just need to improve a little on the art and everything and it should turn out spectacular.

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Some of the graphics in this flash were decently done but you should put some more attention to detail here. The music was a good fit for a trailer like this.

Well the flash could use some cleaning up. First it seems you used a low frame rate which can make the movie look slow and choppy. The flash also seemed to just end abruptly with no warning. Some of the parts of the movie were a tad hard to understand what was going on as well.

A nice start but could use some work.

~Review Request Club

~ Animation/Graphics ~

This was just poor for me. I think it's what could have greatly improved your score if it would have been done better. The animation was very choppy. The graphics themselves weren't the best, but weren't bad by all means.

The animation though left out a lot of the in between stuff. It was almost like minor animation in a slideshow type of format because one character would be there and then suddenly destroy something with a punch and you never saw the arm going from the character to the punching motion. It was just one picture and then the next.

~ Story/Content ~

Even for a trailer I think that you need to improve the content of this submission. The animation being improved will help this a lot. To be honest it was really hard to understand what was going on without the in between animations that I talked about earlier.

I think that the scenes where you didn't have any animation and just used pictures that you could have used some zooms/pans across the screen. Other than that though it's going to be the animation that drives the content in this trailer.

~ Audio ~

A good song and everything. I can't complain about the song too much at all since it seemed to fit the movie rather well and sounded good all around. Goo choice here.

~ Overall ~

I stressed it already, but it really is the only way to improve this submission and that is to really work on the details of your animating. Good luck in the near future and keep striving to improve with each animation.

~ Review Request Club ~

I'll applaud you for your efforts in improving, it will get there, but these things take time. Try zooming in and spending more time touching up the fine details, as this will leave the biggest impression.

It's a little short, but then you are dictated to by the music. Perhaps you need to speak to the author and ask if he can do a longer piece, possibly as much as 3 minutes, as this would give you the time you need to expand upon the trailer, rather than just some showing off of changing the colours of Mario and stomping on some Goombas.

Working on the plot will also help, though I suspect this is something that will come with the feature, rather than the trailer.

[Review Request Club]

I actually quite like this! Although the animation, as others have said, can be a bit choppy, and the drawings go a bit funny sometimes - things to work on? - I liked the ideas and the music :) Keep at it!

Ok, well, the animation was choppy, first of all. Well, actually, there was not much animation anyway. It was also pretty hard to understand what the series is supposed to be about. I mean, all it had was Mario and Luigi killing shit and pretty much just doing what you would normally see them doing. And, to the best of my knowlege, you can't just base an entire series off just that. The whole point of a trailer is to "suck me into watching it", as another user has said. You failed to do so, because the trailer failed to tell me what the coming episode was about However, you had good drawings there, even though some looked kinda bad, as if they were rushed. Also, I liked the song you chose for the video.
I actually see potential here. I hope the first episode turns out great!

Good luck on your next animation,

A little modesty would help. You're all like "Tihs is da graetest Falsh evs!" and to be honest, it wasnt that good. You need a bit more work with your drawings.


I like the drawings. A little more needs to be going on though.

If this is your best flash then I say you should go back through some flash tutorials. Your artwork is good, but with the lack of animation it's hard to really judge the artwork. I know this is a trailer and as a trailer it should suck me into watching the released episodes, however it doesn't. I'm not even sure how your flash series will be different than other Mario flash series on Newgrounds you didn't state anything. You just showed Mario and Luigi being Mario and Luigi and that was it. You need to make the characters move more in other words animate them.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Artwork
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Animation
*TRAILER - What's The Series About?

I understand you're a beginner and all, so don't be scared when someone gives you constructive criticism. The animation was really choppy. That was probably just my only problem with this flash.

Very nice, though.

I won't be mean about this, because I understand you're new-ish to flash animation. For a beginner, this is a decent piece. Keep at it.

Constructive Criticism:
Art could use work. Animation could be smoother. Audio quality isn't great, and the song cuts off abruptly. Try synchronising the animation to the music. It's a somewhat arduous task, and daunting for a beginner, but makes a big difference.

i thought it was good the music was not perfect quality but i can tell it was worked on hard. idk about Hyde132 because you havent submitted anything and i bet this took him a long time

yo rogers, thats epic, im bad at criticing, but i love it, cant wait to see the whole episode, that person that gave the one is retarted. good work!

The most amusing part of this animation was when he was a'firin' his lazar and destroyed the mobs on the screen.

However, to criticizing! The art is amateur, but you paid attention to not make any basic shapes and you gave your characters some personality. I would advise not making them so.... noodly? Eh, lets go with that. Also, your sound cuts off quite abruptly at the end.

it is not bad keep going

I can't wait for the flash to be done do you think you can give us a date for when it will be done.


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