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EDIT:: Enjoy the preload, minor fixes, and replay.... as soon as the updated version is approved.

Oh WOW! O_O I got Daily 2nd Place. Thank you so much, all of you! Believe me when I say this, I cherish all your feedback and it has really inspired me to get off my butt to spiffy Rain with its original ending. I'm sure you all will love it far more than this one. However, this Rain will always hold a special place in my heart just as all of you do. I feel really honored. x3


For those of you who don't quite understand the story... here it is. ^_^

Cain is a young man who has fallen into the daily drudges of going back and forth to work everyday. He leads a mediocre life in a town on the surface. On a rainy day, he exits his home to travel up into the sky city of Eriin via a Gor-gata, a domesticated Gor (dragon-like creature) that was bred to morph into a train. The turbulence unconsciously causes him to look about the cabin where he finds a beautiful young lady looking at him. Being shy, he looks away, only look up to see the girl sitting down next to him. Before the Gor-gata arrives at the station, the girl motions for his hand and places multiple seeds within it. When the train stops, she smiles at him and leaves to exit the train. Cain looks down at his hands, confused as to why she gave him the seeds. When he looks back up to question her, all he sees is a floating orb that disappears beyond the train. Contemplating this strange occurrence, he looks down to the seeds and notices one has already sprouted within his hands.


Ahh, Rain...the beginning of my animation career. Woo!
I might some day actually continue this animation with the original storyline.

Created 2006.
I HAVE gotten permission to use True Light. I have the email from the actual singer! Bwhaha...

Awards Won:
Best in Show in Skills USA 2D Animation District 4 Contest 2006
Best in Show and 1st Place in Skills USA 2D Animation Texas Championships 2006
2nd Place in the Island Film Festival Animation Category (includes both 2D and 3D) 2006


Just wow....

ist fits well to EVERY music I am listenin' to... especialy Indie XXD

WOWO!! I want this as visualisation for my media-players!

..but this animations is great as well...but I have a special bonus >D



i was kinda jaded at first, another animeish video, but as the movie moved on it got good, nice music great art (compared to my work, on paper) nice emotion, cool visuals all in all, a nice job, thanks for the upload...

Clarevoyant responds:

Yeah, my teacher didn't quite like the fact I was drawing my people anime-like, but when he saw what the rest was, he was pretty chill with it at that point. xD

Very Beautiful....

That was by far one of my favorite animations I have seen on Newgrounds....
-The in-tune sounds of the piano and the animation was great.
-The music gave it that mystical and beautiful feel to it that kept the audiance wondering wear and how you were going to go with the story and how the music would play the part
-The mix with modern day story with a more mystical fantasy story hidden within it.
-Also how you made the animation have its own Movie worthy entrance at the beginning and how it really brought the audiance to a calmed state wether they noticed it or not..
-I rarely take the time to leave a drawn out comment like this one on an animation, But you truely stole my words from my mouth when i watched this.


Awsome Job and keep up the Great Work!!!

"Hard Work gets you somewhere in Life, But without the Imagination and Love shall you truely be appreciated and remembered for your place in this world"
-Dillon Queen (Khaoticangel)

Clarevoyant responds:

Awww! It's so nice to hear that it effected you in such a way. x3

Very good.

Well done on this one, the intro was especially impressive.

The only reason why this is a 9/10 is because I'm a critic, and you deserve good critique. The animation was nicely done, easy to look at and the storyline was very pleasing; very well synced with the music. However, the ending was choppy; and the sudden ending of the music was what cracked my 10/10. Push yourself next time, -fix- the problems and make it as perfect as you can make it.

However, I'm still giving it a five. :]

Pretty good

Most of the artwork was great, and the music was wonderful. I only wish that you didnt end it so abruptly.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2009
2:22 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 8, 2009