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The first game I made until now that I feel I can be proud off.

I haven't made any games in a while, so I hope you like it!

Note that the file size is so large that you will have to wait a couple of seconds with a white screen before the preloader shows, thanks!



I really liked your game.. my only complaint it that it wasn't longer. Not sure why some people are saying its lagging? I had no problems at all.

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Hawdon responds:

Yeah, it's a bit short... And thanks for saying it doesn't lagg for you!


I think that...

... possibly maybe that damn annoying ad where the dick sings about falling in love ought to be banned. Doesn't ng have an originality in advertising clause somewhere?

Apart from that the game was nice but I was too nauseated by that ad thats popping up everywhere these days to enjoy it.

I think it may have been a 10.

Hawdon responds:

Not realy sure what ad you mean, but glad you liked it. :P

it's lagy for me to

it's lagging for me to and dont think it's my comp or i-net conn. got a stong comp and a rly fast I-net. ^^
lvl 1 was fine but on lvl 2 it started to lag rly bad but for the rest a nice game ^^

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Hawdon responds:

As I said before the game is lagging either because your computer is slow or because you have some other CPU expencive program running in the background (Spywear meybe?).

Glad you liked it though :)

Needs work still

Orginal and fun concept 9/10
Engien later levels laggs unbelivebly even to there barly grahics at all 0/10
Bug i get all 15 crates intact over and says only 1 transported 0/10
Grahicly 1/10

Grahicly it doesnt need to be much to be fun, but bad engien lags later ass hell and serios bugs in game make it pretty much unplayble and not much fun at all.. your screwing arond alot to make a working transporter get it all over and game desides you got less to non over even when you bring in the hole load

Problems need to be fixt befor i would consider this game realy good
Caus the concept of the game is realy good but thats the only thing at the moment the game has going

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Hawdon responds:

If its lagging its your computer which is slow, that is not something I can help with.

And I see no reason why you would give me 1/10 for the graphics.

But, oh well. There is always someone ready to give a 3 for a game, no matter what.


Loved it!!!

I love how it plays. Its fun just building things and not caring about the boxes.( Lolz i had a guy being pulled by his dog). Challenging to beat for me but GREAT JOB!!!
10/10 very addictive

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Hawdon responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2009
11:52 AM EDT
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