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a self-help kind of poopy


its true

ever since i went to the orangeclock school of technology i've been having more sex than ever!

I used to be poor,

Hi I'm Qwazal, you may know me as that "homeless guy". Well im here to say that I am anything but that now that i have this book, i couldn't be richer. And i want to share this with you! Why? Because im CRAAAZYY!!!
When I was in high school i always thought it was Boring, Dull, And playtypus-like.
Then, i got How to be a Clock, and i was skeptical at first, only using half the daily reccomended dose of clock, and the results were ASTOUNDING. I mean its like they are just giving me the money, fame, and potatoes. I mean come on, don't you wanna be somebody for once? How often do people walk up to you and say, "Hey, i know that guy, hes Rich.", Never? well not anymore, with how to be a Clock, you'll get EVERYTHING, BY EVERYONE. No scam, No cheating, NO HARD_BOILED EGGS. and just 19.95? you'd have to be crazy NOT to buy this.

Still a little afraid? Dont be, just dont, man. I remember me being afraid at first, but that went away as soon as page one! Can you believe it?

Now that i am a Clock, Im so rich i can finally afford a pyrimad, and more.

You might be thinking to yourself,"how am i gonna get mine right now?, well just be patient, you cant rush these things.

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I want to B all that I can B

I was a nobody until I read this amazing book, now I have more money and women than I can shake a stick at...though I try my best! Thanks Clock Crew!

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Jun 8, 2009
4:52 AM EDT
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