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This is the real life for Marshall.

(this is all done with a mouse)


i put this on a few days ago but am resubmitting it due to a few sound blunders which i wanted to attend to.


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This was a funny little flash,the animation was solid and the plot was good too as was the voice acting but the buildup to the guy breaking his legs was hilarous then a simple message to end it in "Fuck." was funny as well,overall i enjoyed this flash very much.


well, I could actually see everything coming. + for the main character having a mustache though ; )

not funny not even twisted

it's hard to tell which leg gets broken. benny hill music doesn't even remotely make it funny. although benny hill music is the bomb!


I thought that it had a really random ending, but it was FUNNY.

Pretty ridiculous.

The thing with all these twisted movies is that you never expect the ending, this one I surely didn't see coming. You played the irony factor very well, the setup to the final scene was very well done. I thought the lip sync could have be done a bit better, but it wasn't that big of a deal. The voice for Marshall was funny, along with Bradley's voice too, they reminded me of the police officers from South Park.

Any flash with Benny Hill is going to get at least a few stars from me, that song alone is enough to make me laugh. The song played when Marshall was on the treadmill was also appropriate for the scene, it helped deliver the punchline at the end even better. Overall, it was a good flash with nice animation and some interesting characters. Keep up the great work!