Chroma Circuit

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The beginning of my journey into the world of Flash game development is now on Newgrounds! Chroma Circuit requires you to rotate pieces and match up all the colors on connected pieces to complete each of the 18 levels. Simple at first, but levels get a lot bigger, and new elements bring difficult new challenges.


Click to rotate elements clockwise.
Shift + Click to rotate elements counter-clockwise.
Note: The mouse wheel is supported on some platforms, but may not work well in all cases. Scroll up to rotate clockwise, down for counter-clockwise.

M = Toggle Music
S = Toggle Sound
R = Restart Level

In phase 2, transfer elements get introduced. The elements with a black color wheel will change color to match their neighbor. This color gets transfered to an element with a white color wheel. If you're confused, click a transfer element to see the other element to which it is connected.

Phase 3 adds the bomb element. Bombs must always match their neighbors, or you'll have to restart the level. Remember that transfer elements will change color to match a bomb, and don't forget that the Shift key will let you rotate counter-clockwise!

One more thing. If you find yourself having trouble telling some of the colors apart, head over to the Settings screen (from the main menu) and enable color-blind mode. :)


haha nice im buying this for iphone:P

10 starz!!!!!!!!

Quite an awesome game!

Maybe music in the background? :D

I wish I could play.

I'm red/green colorblind and what I assume are blue and purple appear to be the same color. Usually when I complain about this in games, I read other non-colorblind people say the colors are awfully similar. Perhaps you could make more differentiation.

On the 3rd level after I thought I had all the colors locked right, and went around it 3 times and decided it was good, I finally suspected that there were 3+ colors not just two like I saw. After that I gave up as I could not make any differentiation even when right next to each other.

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bowlerhat responds:

There's a colorblind mode that can be enabled from the settings screen. Try it out and let me know how well it works for you.

it's good.

But hard. At least I find it to be hard.


col concept, but the whole umbered moves idea was a bummer. it was too demanding in the sense that to "complete" the level you had to do everything perfectly, a concept not accpeted in puzzle games.

bowlerhat responds:

You don't need to get the target number of moves to complete each level and advance to the next. That's a an optional challenge, so I can't understand why you'd call it demanding.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2009
4:10 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other